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Posted by aihw on November 19th, 2020

Don't know if you have not found, appeared a lot of variety show about the kitchen in recent years, such as "Chinese restaurant", "wild kitchen", "Feng flavor" and so on, even intimate relationship recently hit the trio of happiness, true feelings show, with a lot of guests also couples both cooking in the kitchen, and it is this young couple together in the kitchen busy figure, touches a lot of the audience's heart.

From this, we discover not hard, the meaning of the kitchen already was not confined to "cook", more became the social place that people promotes affection, meeting communicates, became the direct embodiment of life quality and idea.

In household decorating, everybody also takes the adornment design of the kitchen seriously more and more, and "Overland Ceramics SLATE" appears, made to kitchen space brought infinite possibility.

1. Superior performance, interpretation of kitchen advanced customization

Overland Ceramics countertop by Italian imports of large-scale compressor pressing, through 1250 ℃ high-temperature sintering and become, have 3 mm and 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm thickness, the advanced production equipment and technology, it certainly has the incomparable physical properties, anti-skid, fire prevention, high-temperature resistance, and hardness, anti-fouling, have obvious advantages in the industry and market.

2. High appearance level, lighting up the delicate and elegant life

Overland Ceramics SLATE has a true full-body technology, the SLATE is the same inside and outside, the true reduction of stone transparent feeling, restore the beauty of nature, stimulate the outburst of inspiration for cooking creation, for the whole kitchen sense of delicacy plus points, make cooking before the future comfortable.

The application that crate big specification connects grain, the grain is lifelike, the dimensional visual effect is more open stereo, nature and contemporary design combine 2 for one, let small space build the enjoyment that gives a big field of vision, make the kitchen a good life position, enter a kitchen every time, resemble going to go to a small gathering, the delicate grace that illuminates life.

3. Breakthrough limitations and realize the multi-dimensional application of space

In the kitchen, The Overland Ceramics SLATE is almost omnipotent. Everywhere you can imagine, you can see slabs of rock.

Island and dining table, usually used to taste delicious dishes and prepare food operation area, is an important social area, its design directly reveals the host's home taste. But the common quartz stone countertop, brittle and easy to cut, sometimes not resistant to impact, used to do island and dining table, there is a certain safety risk.

▲ Island and dining table

Overland Ceramics's high strength, large size, flexible cutting solves this problem, safely withstanding the impact of chopping vegetables and bones, as well as the collision of POTS and pans. Food-grade surfaces, which can be contacted with food and even processed on them, are safe and healthy, and are literally "appearance level + practicality" online.

▲ Sink and sink

The washbasin and sink made of Overland Ceramics stone board can stand the deep processing of digging holes with high hardness, and the advanced three-dimensional precious stone texture can make the kitchen space feel good and practical, which can promote the grade in an instant.

▲ Cabinet panel

Ordinary gray quartz countertops used for a long time, lampblack deposit, always can be very sticky hand, calculate brush forcibly with dishwashing liquid, also clean very hard. And Overland Ceramics SLATE used as the cabinet panel, low water absorption, will not permeate stains, easy to clean and antifouling excellent performance, just use wet towel directly wipe clean, finishing work greatly reduced, very worry-free.

With the advent of Overland Ceramics, the kitchen became not just a place for cooking, but a warm social space, explaining a new concept of life. Overland Ceramics SLATE set sail, will pay tribute to the quality and appearance of the level of ingenuity, with the strength to run out of a brand new track.

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