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The aim of this article is to guide you through the process of a Facebook app development, which further allows Meta tags and Open Graph Protocol while monitoring significant merits of the Facebook website progress. Since Facebook apps are proven to be the effective sources of business growth and content monitoring, it is high on the development front. Therefore, if you are willing to develop a Facebook app for your business purposes, then follow the guidelines mentioned below:

Steps to Develop Facebook App:

The guidelines are distributed in 2 different parts, the first part is about development and the second one is about monitoring and analytics. 

Step 1: Facebook Developer Account: 

The first step of Facebook App Development is creating a Facebook Developer Account. For this, you need to login to the Facebook development platform. This account is basically similar to the business Facebook page. 

Step 2: Create a New Facebook App: 

In order to begin the process, you have to hit the “Create New Facebook App” button. If in case the button is not visible on the right corner header of the dashboard, then click on the link to register as a developer. Once you are registered as a developer then you can hit “Create New Facebook App”

Step 3: Select Platform: 

Once the new app layout is done, you have to select the mobile platform. If you want to launch the Facebook app on iOS, Android, Websites or on Facebook Canvas, is decided in this step. If in case you want to target the app on multiple platforms and edit the platform priority in the future, then the same feature will offer you access to do the same. 

Step 4: Create Title and Category:

The next step is to select the category and assign a title to the Facebook app. This can be done by hitting the “Create New App ID” button which allows you to link up an identity to your app. Ensure that the title of your app deems fit to the category and functionality of the app, this helps in targeting specific audiences when it comes to business. 

Step 5: Quick Start and Verification:

Further, verify the details that are demanded by the Facebook developer community. Once verified you can start the development process by setting an app ID. Follow the guidelines that will be displayed on the screen after the verification.

Step 6: App ID:

Once the verification is done, your app will be assigned with a unique App ID which remains the constant till the time the app is functionally disabled. The app ID is the most important thing in Facebook app development as it avails the access to Open Graph Protocol and Meta tag to publish and monitor the content. Facebook app metric insights are displayed on the Open graph protocol therefore, it demands to be secured. 

Step 7: App Security Set-Up:

Set a security panel for safeguarding the sensitive details of your Facebook app. Facebook domain automatically generates a security code in order to authorize the security credentials of your Facebook app. This ensures that the sensitive data of your Facebook app is safeguarded. 

Step 8: Contact Credentials:

Contact credentials are to be added next in order to allow the Facebook community to give you access to your own App. This also keeps the track of information you are putting for security purposes. 

Step 9: App Credentials:

The next step is to hit the “App Details” button which is located in the left section of the dashboard. You can fill up the additional details of the app by hitting App Details. Once it is done, you set the app domain by hitting the next button “App domain”. Once the app domain is set you can actively list the Facebook app on the Facebook App Center for the promotional site purposes. You can enhance the appearance of the app by adding promotional images and videos, this helps in enhancing the promotion process. 

Step 10: Done and Disable Development Mode:

Once the development of the app is done and the app is ready to be published, you can turn off the development mode and switch to the Public Mode. This sets the app live on the app center and the analysis and monitoring stage comes ahead.

Facebook App Development

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