Realisms of Dissolving a Marriage

Posted by Joseph Franks on February 25th, 2020

Divorce is a tiresome experience, which is why many people go through it only once. Every divorce is different, but it is usually for the betterment of both parties involved. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and must not be perceived as a dead end. No relationship should be judged, and that is something a divorced individual understands very well. Someone who has never found themselves on the verge of dissolving a marriage may not understand the hardships and challenges implicated.

The Divorce does not need to be Ugly

Family Law Attorney in Waltham, MA has witnessed couples turn a divorce into war. Once two people have agreed that they cannot get along anymore, everything else can be resolved on reasonable and amicable terms. A lot of times one of the spouses creates unnecessary conflicts just to annoy the opponent. The partners do not realize that initiating a rivalry can be highly disadvantageous. You are likely to run into each other post-divorce, function in a common society and share acquaintances.

It takes Two to Save a Marriage

After the couple is officially divorced, one of them realizes that their one-sided efforts were useless. Their ex never intended to save the marriage, so nothing could make things right. You might regret dragging the relationship for too long and feel foolish for awaiting a miracle.

Gossip and Rumors Pursue

Everyone in your social circle will be intrigued to know the details of your divorce. Prying eyes and personal queries will follow you everywhere. You will be showered with sympathetic, mocking, and occasionally motivational comments. Every whisper will make you self-conscious and every laugh will sound taunting. People invent their own stories that contradict the real version of what happened.

Emotional Imbalance

Fresh out of a marriage, you will experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Mornings will seem hard and nights will look lonely. There will be moments when you feel utterly exhilarated, because you’re free of your ex’s negativity. Nonetheless, cravings for companionship might poke you every now and then, causing confusion.

Newfound Perspectives

You discover a new side of your ex and sometimes love transforms into hate. You might question your own life choices and form new goals. You will acknowledge the fact that it’s better to be alone rather than being with the wrong person. You will learn to love yourself and understand that you cannot rely on others to make you happy.

Trips Down Memory Lane

Certain places, smells, sounds, and objects will remind you of your ex. You will relive several instances and reminisce old conversations. Some chronicles will make you smile, some will get you teary eyed, and some might stimulate fury.

Independence comes with Responsibilities

Life changes after divorce, as you alone are in charge of your life. You may have to start working if you were dependent on your spouse earlier. Several chores and errands that used to be taken care of then fall into your hands. If you got full custody for a child, you shall cater to his/her needs singlehandedly.

Letting go is never Easy

You lose much more than a spouse when you dissolve a marriage. You may have to find a new home; also, several material objects having great sentimental value could be taken away. A pet you two brought up together might end up with your ex. You say goodbye to all the good and bad things connected to your past relationship.

Transition to the Brighter Side

Time heals wounds and new opportunities knock on your door. You will gradually find your true purpose and live the life you deserve. You will meet someone special down the road and allow yourself to fall in love again. 

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