How To Make Henna Mehendi Design

Posted by Amit Negi on February 28th, 2020

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be doing a video on something that I personally am very passionate about and that is henna designs and henna and not everything so basically today I'm going to be showing you how to make this henna mehendi design right here which is super simple and perfect for beginners.

I was once a beginner so I would know so yeah if you're interested and you want to learn how to make this just watching oh yeah so the way I'm going to begin to this design is with a flower because this is how I always begin my designs. I just feel like the hardest part of making a design a henna mehendi design or any piece of art is the beginning.

So, I use this and I think everybody should find a way to begin their Hana designs or you can just use this one and then I'm making this thing that I discovered recently which is kind of like flat petals I don't really know but I just think it looks good and it just gives a nice frame to the flower.

And now I'm going to go ahead and make a circle around that flower and here I'm going to go around and just do some more petals I'm going to do two rounds of this just because it's pretty and it's very simple and now I chose these petals because they are the easiest to make. I don't know why but every time I make them they just fit around perfectly and I never have like one petal smaller than the other if you know what I'm trying to say and yeah they just look very nice and I began doing henna with a different kind of petal.

But I found that these ones are the best for beginning and this other part I'm just like really speeding up because that's just the miniature or the other flower and I'm going and just doing some twirls on my finger because I like how it looks I always like a design that goes up my finger like that I know and then I thought that I felt like there was a little bit too much space there so I did got and now we're going to be balancing out the picture or the drawing on the other side of my hand and just kind of like making a copy of what I did on my finger but smaller obviously just to make everything match I'm going to be shading every single petal which basically for this you're just going to be well coffee what I'm doing right there and yeah it just really really gives the drawing a lot more detail and makes it look a lot more complicated and harder than it it really is so yeah and I guess that's it I hope you enjoyed and if you did give me a thumbs up.

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