How Heat Resistant Aprons are Useful in the Core Industries?

Posted by aniket vichare on March 12th, 2020

People who work in the core industries such as foundries, mining, steel industry, metalworking industries and chemical reactors are continually exposed to high heat and unhealthy surrounding conditions. Constant exposure to such unhealthy conditions can be harmful to the person’s health. This is the reason why companies are coming up with fire safety and industrial safety products to protect the wearer from possible hazards.

RNG offers some extremely durable and high-quality heat resistant aprons. These have several unique qualities that protect the wearer and these have been described below:

High Heat and High Temperature Resistance
One of the top characteristics of the Heat Resistant Aprons is their resistance to high heat and high temperature conditions. The heat protective aprons can reflect maximum of the radiant heat ensuring complete protection to the wearer of these aprons. These aprons can protect against temperatures as high as 16500C. Aluminized Kevlar or Aluminized Fibreglass Fabrics are used to design these heat protective aprons. These aprons are also fire resistant and they do not catch fire because they do not allow oxygen to pass through.

Approved and Authorised by Fire Safety Councils
The heat resistant aprons by RNG are also approved by the fire safety councils adding yet another stamp of quality on them. These aprons are IS11871 and ISO11612 certified aprons. These aprons are made from lightweight materials so that they are convenient to wear while working in the core industries.

Protective Layers for Different Industrial Needs
The aluminized aprons are available in many different thicknesses to cater to different industrial purposes. Some industries require less amount of protection from heat and high temperature conditions while in other industries, the need for protection is more. The aluminized aprons have a layer of heat retardant cotton. The aprons can also protect from molten metal splashes making them an ideal choice for steel and metalworking industries.

Available in Different Forms
Just as the heat resistant aprons are available with different layers for protection, these are also available with or without sleeves. You may choose the right style based on the specific requirements of your industry. They may also come alongwith aluminized arm guard and aluminized leg guard for additional protection. Some of these aluminized aprons also come with aluminized hood that comes with helmet that comes with certified gold lens. You can get customised aprons for your industry needs. It is possible to place order for these aprons online.

The author of this article has written several posts regarding fire safety as well as industrial safety. The article describes the Heat Resistant Aprons by RNG and the superior uses of these aprons. Read along to understand the many merits and benefits of heat resistant aprons by RNG.

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