How to clean your car headlight lens

Posted by hw on March 18th, 2020

This" target="_blank">headlight lens solution is designed to restore the clarity of the headlight lens that becomes yellow, cloudy or black over time. By restoring the clarity of the lens, you can improve the performance of the headlights and enhance the appearance of the vehicle. The headlight lens has a hard surface layer or an UV-resistant coating on the surface of the lens. Once the lens is degraded by the sun or ultraviolet rays and becomes yellow and cloudy, it is necessary to remove the yellowing layer in order to restore the clarity of the lens.

According to the vehicle manufacturer, year, brand, model and headlight design, the effort required to renovate the headlight lens will vary greatly.

Large or extremely worn lenses may require more than one set of sandpaper plates.

The equipment required for this headlight solution is 1200-1600 R. P. M. Drill bit and grinding plate equipped with disc rack pad for removing the yellow layer from the surface of the front lamp lens. Two grinding steps will be followed to refine and reduce the sand scratches generated when moving the yellow layer. Finally, the friction compound and the foam pad will remove the tiny scratches and place the final sharpness on the headlight lens. In the first picture, the left headlight is damaged and the right headlight is treated using this self-app, the difference is obvious.

If you still notice any deep scratches, continue to polish with disc 2 until the surface is smooth. 1. Take the lower plate 2 from the pad bracket and connect the Plate 3 (Gray Color). 2. Using a spray bottle, apply enough water to suppress the foam pad on the surface of the disc 3 and the lens. 3. Use the medium-to-light pressure to polish the surface of the entire lens. 4. Wipe the lens with a cloth and you will notice that the surface of the lens will become very smooth and somewhat clear.

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