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The digital transformation bombards us with new terms and others that are not so new, but that has come to gain prominence today, about information technology. One of these terms is the best dedicated Server hosting UK, which refers to a hosting model in which a user or company has an exclusive space in a data center.

One of the questions that users use to choose a best email hosting provider, to purchase a dedicated server, is its location. After all, is it better to hire a dedicated server in the UK or the United States? As much as we tend to believe that the closest server is always better, there are other factors to be analysed.

In this post, we will understand the differences between dedicated colocation Uk and the USA and the advantages of using this model of hosting services. Check out!

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1 What are the advantages of using a dedicated server?

1.1 Offers exclusive features

1.2 Enables greater flexibility

1.3 Delivers more security

1.4 SEO optimization

2 What are the main differences between the UK server and the USA?

2.1 Cost

2.2 Latency

2.3 Quality of service

What are the advantages of using a dedicated server?

Before explaining the differences between servers in the UK and the United States, let's understand what the benefits of this model of servers are concerning shared ones. We have separated the advantages into 4 topics.

Offers exclusive features

The dedicated server offers exclusive resources to the user, who can make the most of the performance on their website, blog, software, system, etc. Applications that demand a higher performance find in dedicated servers the best solution to guarantee the proper functioning for your demand.

Allows greater flexibility

Shared servers, because they have some restrictions on plugins, scripts and modules in web applications, require a certain limitation in development, both for security and performance reasons.

In the case of dedicated servers, this type of situation does not happen, as the user has great flexibility and the possibility of configuring the server, allowing the allocation of sufficient resources to meet all the demands that the hosted applications need.

Thus, the manager does not limit his possibilities and can respond quickly to the demands of the brand.

Deliver more security

As the dedicated server offers exclusivity, it is normal for it to deliver greater security compared to other models. Internal and customer data will be more secure and the server's performance will be guaranteed with the ideal availability numbers, ensuring the system is in the air practically full time.

Besides, the data centres of quality providers deliver mechanisms to guarantee fullness and data protection, such as server redundancy, cooling, to maintain the integrity of the machines, power generators, to ensure uninterrupted supply, among others.

SEO optimization

With the dedicated server, the manager has access to exclusive IPs, which guarantee that your address will not be shared with other pages - preventing the address from being linked to the distribution of spam, malware, etc. These problems can affect your website's search engine results.

By using exclusive IPs, you eliminate this problem and, when we relate this factor to others that are considered important by search engines, there is a sum that elevates the site in the ranking.

What are the main differences between the UK server and the USA?

Globalization and the advancement of technologies narrows the gap. We can communicate in audio and video with people from all over the world and we can hire services from all over the globe. Uk colocation companies also take advantage of this moment to invest in infrastructure in other countries, either to reduce costs or to take advantage of better infrastructure.

This is reflected in the use of data centers, with many hosting companies in the UK maintaining infrastructure here and in the USA. In this topic, we will discuss the differences between the two solutions. Follow!


As most of the technological components are imported, it is normal that the cost of them in UK territory is a little more expensive than in the United States. The cost of construction abroad ends up being lower, making the price of cheap email hosting plans on dedicated American servers competitive here in the UK.


The latency is nothing more than the time that a data packet takes to get from one point to another. When you enter a website, your computer sends a request to the server that transmits back a copy of the data that make up the page or web application you accessed. The time it takes between your request and the response to your computer is latency.

Latency can be decisive when choosing the location of your accommodation, according to the activity you intend to exercise. It is undeniable that the farther the server is from the request point, the greater the latency, but this difference is milliseconds, that is, most of the time it will not make much difference.

Among the situations that demand a lower latency, we can highlight the services of live streaming, which intend to reduce the delay in real-time to the maximum. There are also online games, in which a millisecond can interfere with the player's performance. For other activities, the difference in latency will not interfere that much.

Service quality

Even with the technological growth that the UK has had in recent decades, unfortunately, we are still far from having the infrastructure that exists in the United States. The quality of telecommunications makes American services more reliable and this quality is reflected in the service provided. The 99% uptime availability guarantee is much more palpable in this environment.

It is not by chance that many of the UK providers are investing in data centers in North America, both in Canada and in the USA, giving options for users to choose the location where they want to keep their dedicated servers.

As we saw in this post, the choice between the dedicated UK server and that of the USA is made based on cost-benefit and performance analysis. If your priority is speed, the UK server can serve you better. But if you are looking for a better cost-benefit and guarantee of service with almost zero margins of error, the American server may be the best option.


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