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Here is Why You Must Use Home Loan EMI Calculator

Posted by HelenGadbois on March 30th, 2020

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Almost everyone in their 20s or 30s dreams of owning a home someday. And to help you fulfill this dream, home loans certainly act as a gateway by providing the majority of the funding. you just have to arrange the down payment and ensure you are financially capable of repaying the EMIs. While availing a home loan, take the help of a home loan EMI calculator to get a fair idea about the expected monthly outflow in the form of EMI. Let us know and understand why a home loan calculator is a necessary tool for all home loan borrowers:

What Is a Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Home loan EMI calculator tool determines expected EMI amount basis your given home loan amount, interest rate and tenure. This tool, even if determined to a close figure than the exact one, helps in knowing whether you are financially ready as well as capable of repaying the loan timely as per the EMI amount and your current income. Just put in the values required by the home loan calculator, and in just one click you get the EMI amount. You can change the tenure, interest rate or loan amount if required.

Benefits of Using Home Loan Calculator

Easy and Quick Calculation

The presence of the EMI calculator helps in quickly getting the calculation done, irrespective of the loan amount, tenure and interest rate. The tool gives you accurate calculation in just a click, making it an easy to use tool for all.

Know Your Expected EMI Amount & Loan Eligibility

According to a given home loan amount, interest rate and tenure, the home loan EMI calculator tell your expected EMI. Knowing your EMI amount helps in knowing whether you are financially capable and ready to repay the loan or not. Moreover, it also helps in checking overall home loan eligibility, whether you can repay that EMI as per your monthly income.

Enables to Change Tenure or Loan Amount If Required

If you think you may not be able to service the expected EMI amount as per the home loan calculator, you can adjust the loan tenure or change the loan amount as per your comfort level. Choose a longer tenure for lower EMI amount, or arrange higher down payment which would mean lesser loan amount required, therefore lower EMIs as well. This would enhance loan eligibility as well since the Loan to Value (LTV) ratio would get reduced.

Before Applying-Keep in Mind the Home Loan Eligibility Criterion

Home loan eligibility criterion varies, but generally, for almost all lenders a common set of criteria include your income, age, employment status, employment type and stability, nationality, credit profile, salary account statement, other ongoing EMIs, etc. It’s prudent to always check home loan eligibility parameters of your chosen or shortlisted lender before submitting the home loan application.

For availing home loans and using the home loan EMI calculator to avail the benefits it offers, hurry up and get in touch with MoneyDila, the most preferred financial lender based in Dubai.

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