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What are Pet Warranties for Furniture?

Posted by familyinteriors on March 31st, 2020

What are Pet Warranties? 

This is one question that never seems to go without confusion.

Most people tend to assume two things when it comes to this category:

The first is that their cat or dog (or even kid) can pee or poop on the carpet and there will be absolutely no effect whatsoever. Somehow the warranty translates to the carpet somehow being able to repel any foreign object (liquid or solid) for infinity.

The second is that if their animal does pee on the carpet and there ends up being a stain that they can get their carpet replaced for free, no matter what.

So we’ve decided to tackle this challenging question with some helpful insight. Keep in mind that not every manufacturer has identical pet warranties, and even different products from the same manufacturer can have differences in their warranties.

So here we go….

While there definitely are some changes being made in the construction of carpet to deter and repel stains, no carpet is completely indestructible. Please don’t think that your dog can pee on your carpet and it will have no effect. Also note that if your household cleaners spill on your carpet and it goes unnoticed, it could result in bleach spots appearing throughout your home.

A typical pet warranty provides a warranty against staining on the carpet, assuming that you clean up the spot immediately. Of course, we all know that most of these accidents are happening either when we aren’t home or are completely unaware that our pets are hiding it! So how is this warranty helpful?

When you notice a stain or odor from a certain spot, clean it up immediately. Gentle cleansers need to be the go-to for cleaning rather than harsh chemicals. Oftentimes the manufacturer will provide a brochure with their recommendations for what to use for certain spills and how to clean them up. These recommendations can also be found online.

If their method of gentle cleaning does not remove the stain, the next step is for the carpet to be professionally cleaned. It’s best to let the professional clean whatever you cannot get out through gentle methods.

A note on this – make the cleaners aware of the spot, what you think it is, and what you used to try to clean it already so they can treat it properly.

These are just due processes that manufacturers often require in order for the warranty to be maintained. If the steps and procedures are followed, the stain will typically come out without hassle. These processes are put in place by the manufacturer because they have performed hundreds of tests and know how their product performs.

We all know that pets have accidents, and that is why manufacturers make an effort to have their carpets stand up against the daily wear and tear of life.

If the above processes do not remove the stain, the manufacturer will likely send out an inspector to see what’s going on. They just need to know why their product isn’t holding up. If they deem the carpet to be defective, then the replacement process will go through the company you purchased the flooring from.

Hopefully, that clears up any questions you had regarding pet warranties and how they work! If you have any other questions or would like a free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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