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Paid Over an Unpaid Internship? Not Always

Posted by Sunilkumr on April 1st, 2020

When it comes to internships, most students naturally prefer paid over unpaid internships. Of course! Everyone’s time and efforts matter; hence internships should be paid. But, there may be exceptions to this case. Exceptions that are worth your time and effort, help you learn valuable skills, and give you a badge of honor in terms of experience. For example, every year, the Ministry of External Affairs offers unpaid internships. Participants may learn how to write research reports and other important content related to international relations. Added to this is the exposure to working at one of India’s super premiere organizations. So, should you miss such an opportunity? Well! Ask yourself.

All in all, there has always been this long-standing confusion about choosing between paid and unpaid internships. So, here are a few points that you must consider while deciding between the two.

1) Flexibility

If you are interning alongside regular classes and there are no paid internship opportunities available, then there’s no harm in joining an unpaid internship at a reputed organization. As compared to paid ones, unpaid internship opportunities provide better flexibility in terms of work schedule and workload too. Not that you are to go, watch how people work, and come back without doing any work; but there’s a better scope of negotiation about work hours and work to be allotted.

2) Visibility

In some companies, paid interns may have a slight edge over unpaid interns. The mental message that goes around is that a paid intern is "one of the staff members," especially if it is a full-time internship. There’s not a lot of age difference between the employees at the entry-level positions and interns. So, they are more likely to see them as equals who are earning a paycheck and doing whatever works come their way (similar to what they do with a different designation in their names). In no way, it means that unpaid interns are like people from fringe groups. It is just that when the company pays from its coffers, it is more likely to be conveyed more explicitly and implicitly.

Coming to unpaid internships, interns are assigned an upper-level manager as a mentor who not only supervises the work done an intern but also grooms him or her professionally. Of course, this also depends on the workforce in the company and the department one has joined.

3) Scope of Joining

If any internship opportunity is a potential full-time job opportunity, one should join it irrespective of the fact whether it is paid or unpaid. So, when you are looking for an internship in Hyderabad or any other place preferred location, try not to spend too much time dwelling on the question of paid vs. unpaid internship and pay attention to the long-term benefits of joining it.

Remember that the best internship is the one that is challenging you and gives you fruitful work experience. So, look into multiple aspects of both paid and unpaid opportunities and appear for an interview at each before taking a decision.

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