Crucial Role Play of VoiceCulture in the Craft of Music

Posted by AAFT School of Performing Arts on April 8th, 2020

Usage and implementation of voice culture in Music plays significant and crucial role in the domain of Western Music.  Aspirants can also learn about the industry-relevant aspect through professional programs or music courses in India.  Therefore, at first we must know the meaning of voice culture and its origin.

Role and Introduction to Voice Culture

It is the practice or process of training and grooming of vocals to make it effective and controllable.  Professional vocalists like Adele. Charlie Path, Garth Brooks (one of the greatest country singer), John Denver, Ray Charles (famous for pop and R&B), etc has always been in implementing voice culture throughout their career. As the name suggests “Culture”, we can understand easily what it tries to imply. So, basically Voice Culture has two essential components which help a vocalist to become successful in his music career:

Essential Components

  • Ear – When we hear a tune or amelody the ear receives the command and passes it out to the brain.  Now, the brain works on the command and tries to make sense.  It isabout any not only tune or melody but it can be any sound.  It starts making sense like what note it is.  What is the timbre of this note or what is the style of this note?  Is it a legato or a staccato?  Therefore, the brain figures out from the commands it took before.  Therefore, we can say that ear and the brain is the first component to start a singing process.  They start listening as well processing at the same time.
  • Voice-So it is also the most important and vital component for singing.  It is comprised of Breathers (lungs and its muscles), vocal chords, resonators (amplification of sound is done by vocal resonators) and articulators.

Therefore, these components work as a team or a unit for production of a good sound.  While we practice vocals or perform, the ear and the brain remains fully activated and charged because the brain starts working on the placement of notes, melodies, articulation, lyrical meaning or dynamics. And after few years our team, i.e., ear and brain gets really strong and effective. But it becomes tough for a voice and it gets stressed because workouts are not done. So, along with listening every vocalist must know the correct way of practicing or warming up their vocal chords regularly. If we don’t practice it gives us Vocal Strain.

However, it can be overcome easily with some effective vocal techniques and exercises that can be learned through UG/PG and other courses.  AAFT is one of the finest music colleges in Delhi NCR that educates and trains the legion of passionate aspirants through academic excellence.

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