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5 Essentials For Your Conference Room Projector

Posted by ViewSonic on April 15th, 2020

Selecting a projector for your conference room can be a challenging decision with a plethora of display choices such as special business projectors, flat panel displays and interactive display boards. ViewSonic offers 5 tips to help you get the highest projection experience while staying within budget.     

1. Readability: Presentations and projects to be displayed can be read from any position in the room. Before deciding, ensure that you can read the text in the room at the farthest location away from the screen. It is especially important if your documents have carefully formatted information, such as in a spreadsheet or a presentation

2. Connectivity: Determine what types of connectivity you will need. Though they can be less expensive, some consumer flat panel displays do not offer the advanced connectivity options that commercial-grade models and business projectors do. If your occupants need connectivity to VGA, USB, HDMI, or even wireless, be sure to confirm that your device includes the functionality your occupants need.

3. Resolution: Don't get caught in a grainy snapshot where the occupants have to strain their eyes to see. Making sure the system has been designed to conveniently synchronize with laptops, tablets and smartphones with the myriad of gadgets being used by today’s business people.  

4. Portability: In today’s hectic working environment, consider whether or not your display will be permanently installed or will need to be moved between rooms. Flat panel displays, while tending to be less expensive, can be a hassle if you have multiple conference rooms which need to be outfitted. If your display needs to be mobile, choosing a business projector which can be moved or placed wherever is convenient could be your best option – you may not even need a screen – just project directly onto the wall or a whiteboard.

5. Features: Features can make or break your display decision, from video conferencing to the size of your show in comparison with your conference room. Many screens and even projectors have split screen features, allowing users to monitor both people and content at the same time. If the conference area is fairly small, a short-throw projection method is needed, some of which can be 100-inch diagonal while being placed just inches from the wall.  

In a world of rapid technological change, businesses must ensure that they choose a display that provides a collaborative environment which is at the same time engaging to all employees. But why not provide staff with a platform that makes for more enjoyable and interactive user interaction?

ViewSonic offers a wide range of conference room projectors to meet every budget and need. For more information, visit

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