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The Economy Involved in Developing a Food Delivery App

Posted by cloneappdupe on April 16th, 2020

People are switching to on-demand apps that provide reliable, convenient, and affordable doorstep services. On-demand food delivery apps can provide you assured ROI and are gaining popularity in the market. Ever wondered how much does it cost to develop a food delivery app? Are you planning to enter this flourishing delivery services market? This blog will provide you insights on the development cost of a food delivery app. 

Factors that influence the development cost of an on-demand app: 

Certain key factors contribute to the development cost of an app. They are, 

  • Technological requirements: The technology required to develop the app can consume a major portion of the development cost. 
  • Design of UI: It is the user interface that determines the accessibility of the app. The more complex the UI, the more development cost incurred to develop the app. 
  • Design concept and validation: To visualize how your app should work, it takes a certain amount of development costing. You need to identify the functionality of your app and validate it with an app developer.
  • App testing: This is a major development stage. App testing makes the app bug-free and enable a seamless workflow. 

The cost involved in the development of a food delivery app: 

In any app development, the development cost is calculated based on manhours. A basic cost estimation to develop a food delivery app is discussed here, 

  • Designing UI/UX: The initial stage in the development of the app is to design the user interface. A user-friendly UI/UX attracts more users towards the app. It takes around 50-70 hours to design the UI/UX. 
  • Development of the front-end and the back-end: Front-end and back-end development is a major development stage. Front-end development is usually called the ‘client end’ of app development. This development involves different projects like creating a website, organizing the color layout, etc. Back-end development is usually the ‘server end’ of app development. Managing databases and servers is a primary responsibility here. On average, it takes around 400-500 hours for this stage. 
  • Documentation: Technical documentation usually takes around 50 hours for development. 
  • App testing: This development stage varies according to your interests and budget. Usually, app testing takes about 70-80 hours. 

The rates of developers per hour in various countries: 

Various developers across the globe share different developer rates. Let us discuss a few here, 

  • India: You can get India-based developers for a development cost of - per hour. 
  • Europe: Europe-based developers usually charge around -0 per hour. 
  • America: In the US, you can get developers at a cost of 0-0 per hour. 


The food delivery services market is proving to be highly profitable. However, the development of a food delivery app may cost you anywhere around ,000 – ,000. To prevent this major investment, there are clone apps available instantly in the market. You needn’t worry about app development. Moreover, you can customize the app according to your needs. An UberEats clone in the market costs you only 99.

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