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Importance of Music Licensing for the Artists

Posted by musicofthesea on April 21st, 2020

Music industry has been into the market since a long time now and with time the numbers of aspiring artists have only increased in number. As the music industry starts gaining its popularity in the market especially in the entertainment zone, you definitely have found that there are numerous TV channels that are now coming up with shows in order to find the new music talents.

Due to number of growing artists in the industry, most of them who are able to compose their own song never get a fair opportunity to present it in front of public. These people should definitely start considering music licensing in a serious manner just to earn money and success from their creativity and hardwork.

Irrespective of the genre, being it pop, jazz, rock, classical, fusion or any other genre, every musician or artist needs to consider music licensing. This is a crucial thing for the artist to get credited for their work. Licensing is like managing the right for your work. It is the utmost importance for them and hence skipping this might end up getting misused of their work.

What is the meaning of music licensing?

The term music license means “protecting and permitting” people to make use of your original work only with your permission.

To describe in simple words, music licensing is about making an agreement that will only be shared between the people involved in the music. This includes the one who is making its use and the creator. This means asking for permission to access your content and protecting your piece from making any illegal and unauthorized use.

Each and every agreement is made after keeping a lot of situations in mind. If the license is made by the user and creator, both needs to be present during the terms of licensing, as at no time, there should be any unpleasant surprise for either of them. This generally consists of terms that describe how the music can be used. Hence anyone who violates the terms or makes illegal and unauthorized use has to pay for their mistakes.

For example, just imagine a condition where musicians has been paid with a specific amount fir the music he or she created for making use in an advertisement as its theme. Later on when it is gaining lot of popularity from it, they considered making an album of it and then selling it in the market. If you were the musician, it eventually means that you have received a very nominal amount whereas the company is earning in thousands, this is where you need the music licensing. A proper music licensing  means it should have all the terms and conditions written with consent of the original creator and needs to be signed with the user who wants to make use of the music. Hence if the license has mentioned to divide the profits, you will also get equal profits from it.

Therefore hopefully you are clear by now why it is said to the musicians to take interest in making their license.

When is music licensing important?

If you are someone new in the industry, you must be very perplexed understanding the right time for licensing your music. You might be very excited as your piece has been chosen by one of the top brands in the market, but then again to make sure then people make authentic use of your piece, licensing tends to become a crucial step for people.

Also when someone is making use of your piece, you need to make sure of three things:

  •  Check the regular version
  •  radio edit
  •  Instrumental version

This again means that you are providing them the permission when the audio is mastered and mixed professional with proper guidelines. When you have a license that has mentioned everything in details, you can stay assured that the people will use your music in a proper way.

Advantages of music licensing:

There is no doubt that when you get your music licensed, you can enjoy tons of advantages.

  • When you have the license and your song or any other piece has been used for making albums or film, the artists can make use of the platform for exhibiting his talent ti the world and becoming popular. This can be highly advantageous for the artist tin several ways. This can become a lot helpful in making your mark in the industry and getting more work.
  • There is no doubt that the popularity of that music will improve the demand of the song from your listeners. Hence, it is a mandatory fact that gradually the movie, advertisers and other TV shows will be asking for it to make use in their piece. When the license is there, it means the creator of this original piece will be earning from the profit made by the people using it. Music license is always a great step to prevent any type of music discrepancies.
  • When your music has the license prior to making it available in the public platform, it reduces the chances of copying your music. This is the best way of gaining success from your music piece and nothing like license can offer what you actually deserve, especially to the deserving person.
  • Practicing music license is a great step for the newcomers who have no idea how their original piece can be used without their permission. Even without your knowledge people will be earning a lot whereas not even giving a share of what they earn.

So now that you have known the benefits of music licensing, you should definitely never leave a chance for the people put there to make illegal use of your music. Instead, if you want to be in the safer side, get in touch with the online music licensing company just to get licensed and enjoy the many advantage of it. If you are in search for one such licensing company, you have Music of the Sea. They are also a publishing company and can be great advantage for you.

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