Maintain Business Continuity with Agency Management System

Posted by Insuredminesocial on April 30th, 2020

The Coronavirus ( COVID-19) has changed the world in a more ways than before. People across the world are fighting against this deadly virus which have brought the entire world to a halt.

Maintaining business is however a challenging task in this times. Economy is at the verge of getting collapse. Where a lot of companies across every sector has been reported a downfall.

Business owners and decision makers in the Insurance space should look out for an alternate tool which can help them retain their business goals in this time as well.

Agency Management System is that one tool that every insurance agent or agencies look,

Plan – “ams360″ The strategy is rooted in empowering sales, engagement, and analytics.

” Prospect Foresight”- Creating sales nodes based on powerful networking fora.

Platform – A unified Insurance Agency Software

This Insurance Agency Management System connects to your factor’s triggering flashpoints. Each of the integrated business functions shows up in just 3 simple clicks. Discover more about the range of uniquely designed, highly customizable platforms.

Marketing Automation: Multiple high-level data distribution and procurement functions are automatically managed through this technology. It is an effective medium for marketing across numerous channels (such as social media, websites, emails, blogs, messaging, etc.) and automating the related recurring tasks.

CRM: CRM in insurance from Insuredmine facilitates your business to communicate better with existing or prospective B2B and B2C clients. Featuring a personalized UI(User Interface), simple 3 click accessibility for every operation, and monitoring analytics of all customer-related data in a single login.

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