Common Mistakes Performed By A Notary Public

Posted by Notarybonding on September 10th, 2012

Being a notary public is an honorable and potentially profitable, role to aspire. A notary public is an official who witness the signature of the citizens on some specific documents, administers oaths while being invested as a representative of the state. Purchasing a new home, a commercial land, start a business in another county or state, lease your property, planning to adopt a child, migrating to another country or any other work that needs legal action may require the services of a notary public at least once in a lifetime. Notaries can certify copies of certain documents for specific fees. Some states allow notaries to certify copies of power of attorney only. The notary must have in front of both the original document and copy for comparison process.

The notary public is a reputable serving authority chosen by the state government officials on a constitutional basis. Even notaries have obtained training and passed an exam then also they do some common type of mistakes as:

  • The use of notary stamp even it is dirty or damaged.
  • The notary stamp did not cover the text or signature.
  • The notary acknowledgement is worded incorrectly.
  • If the notary stamp is missing, it is the biggest mistake.
  • The expiry date of notary public’s duty is missing.
  • Incorrect notice of right to cancel dates.

With the notary stamp, a notary public always has the requirement of notary bonds. The bonds are always used by the people while signing any contract for surety. Signing bonds have become the culture of the corporate world, and also they provide the surety of the agreement. Different types of bonds are used for different types of agreements. The most common type of notary bond used all over the corporate and personal life is a surety bond. A surety bond is a guarantee of payment to the oblige, should losses occur for a penalty amount of the bond. Notary bonds are usually provided by a surety company.

There are several websites, which provide notary supplies and information about the notary public. Through the online notary service providers, one can easily get genuine notary products. The Indemnity bonds and Erisa bonds can also be ordered through these websites easily. Their quality products, as well as personalized customer services will help anyone to become an expert notary. They provide a secure transaction and accept payments through check, money orders, VISA, Master card, PayPal and American express. Notary public bonds and supplies in Florida can be obtained online easily.

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