How to Become a Notary in Florida

Posted by Notarybonding on April 25th, 2013

Florida is one of the most prosperous states in USA and new deals, deeds and authorization are quite common in such a flourishing state. The notary public in Florida is trusted with the responsibility of giving a legal shape to documents and affidavit. The Florida notaries are appointed for 4 years, and after that they have to renew their commission. The first step has to be followed by notaries whose commission has expired one year back. For other notaries renewing their commission within one year, the first step is not required.

The first step to become a notary in Florida is to take a three hour education course which is available online. Once the course is completed, the aspirant will get a certificate which he has to sign and submit with the application for the post. The next step for an aspirant would be to download the application form, fill it up properly and submit. There are websites that can guide you through the form download and submission process and provide tips so that you don’t make mistakes while filling up the form.

The next step to become a notary in Florida is the most crucial one. Once the application process is completed you will have to order your notary package which will include the bond worth 7500, error and omission bond, stamps, seals, and other requires office supplies. You may also require the journal which is strongly recommended by the state. Once the package is received you require submitting an education certificate of completion copy, notary public application, bond package form and payment to the respective department. If the package supplying company is guiding you through the process, it will let will know about the submission.

The company waits for the notary appointment certificate and then issues the official stamps and seals for future use. These are your personalized items, and you should store it properly throughout your tenure. You can use the supplies for coming four years.

It is quite essential to be eligible for the post of a notary public in order to get the commission. Being a legal resident over 18 years of age and being able to write, read and speak English is mandatory. There are many other criteria and guidelines issued for the aspirants. To know more about all these and apply for the position in a tireless manner, you can check out the websites that are authorized to guide the notaries in USA.

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