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intended parents in usa

Posted by sherkhansahu on May 16th, 2020

intended parents in usa

Welcome to SurrogateFinder, Find surrogate mothers online in the USA. We help you to find surrogate mothers & intended parents online in the USA, contact us now.

Surrogate Mothers

This website is dedicated to helping people who want to find egg donors, sperm donors and potential surrogate mothers for altruistic surrogacy this is non-commercial surrogacy, however it is very normal for the surrogate mother to be paid medical expenses.

Egg Donation

If you would like to donate your eggs to help couples who cannot conceive and really make a difference to someones life in helping achieve parenthood then please register egg donor today!

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is practised by men known as a sperm donor, provides his semen to be used to produce a baby but does not have any sexual relationship with the recipient. A sperm donor can donate directly to the couple or in a clinic.

Intending Parents

People of all sexualities who want to have a child of their own but cannot conceive due to reasons out of their control, if this is you we invite you to register to try and find help today.

Surrogate Agencies

Agencies Worldwide who want to help Intending Parents to achieve parenthood by offering there expert knowledge and services to people on this website.

It is the most common type of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments. In this treatment, the sperm fertilizes the ovum outside the human body and the physicians implant the fertilized egg into the uterus of a substitute mother to conceive. Normally, the IVF cycles takes at least four to six weeks to complete successfully. However, sometimes, women need to endure multiple cycles to get pregnant.

According to the medical science, women under the age of 35 have 30% - 40% chances of getting pregnant through IVF and this percentage falls when the age increases. Therefore, most of the surrogate agencies prefer the women below 30 years to work as a surrogate as the age is less, the chances of getting pregnant through IVF will be more. The IVF treatment has four major steps.find surrogate mothers in usa

Ovarian Simulation: In this step, the intended mother should take the fertility drugs prescribed by the doctor. These drugs is taken for 12 to 14 days as instructed by the physicians. These drugs help simulate the ovaries of a woman to produce multiple healthy ovum instead of producing only one ovum during the menstruation. Successful In-Vitro fertilization treatment needs multiple eggs as some eggs may or may not fertilize during the process. The doctors use ultrasound therapy and blood test to find when the ova are ready for retrieval.

Egg retrieval: Once the ova are ready for retrieval, the physicians do transvaginal ultrasound aspiration to retrieve ova from the intended mother's body. Doctors remove oocytes from the ovary of a female body to enable fertilization outside the human body. A small amount of anesthesia is given to the patient to do this therapy. Once the matured ova are located through the ultrasound guidance, physician inserts needle to the follicles and retrieve the matured ova with suction.

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