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Posted by insurancecover360 on May 26th, 2020

A health insurance plan is an important part of your financial planning for a safe, secure and healthy life for you and your family.

Health Plans come with a lot of benefits that cover all your medical needs as well as emergencies:

  • Cashless Hospitalisation : Medical insurance comes with cashless hospitalisation in network hospitals of your insurance provider.
  • Pre-hospitalisation Expenses : Expenses incurred before a patient is moved to a hospital for inpatient treatment are covered in health insurance plans. These expenses can be medical tests, medicines, vaccinations, and doctor’s fee. Subject to conditions.
  • Post Hospitalisation Expenses : Medical expenses incurred by the insured to recover from illness, injury or medical condition are covered by the health insurance policy. These expenses could be medicines, vaccinations, OPD charges etc. Subject to conditions.
  • Expenses for Critical Illness : Critical illness cover is given if you are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases like cancer, tumour or kidney failure etc. In such cases the insurance company pays a lump-sum amount at the time of diagnosis, to start the treatment at the earliest.
  • Hospital Cash During Hospitalisation : Hospital cash of INR 1000 to 5000 per day is given as a part of the health insurance plan (subject to the type of policy or the rider). This cash amount also depends on the medical facility (normal room or ICU) taken by the insurer. Extra premium is charged for hospitalisation cash benefit.
  • Insurance Against Accidental Injuries : Personal accident cover provides compensation against the losses incurred in an accident, such as accidental death, permanent total disability (loss of both the limbs, eyes, speech and hearing), permanent partial disability (loss of one limb, one eye and one ear) and temporary total disability (fractures in limbs and temporary loss of eyesight).
    Apart from the above, the other expenses that can be covered under your health plan, based on the type of plan and additional riders, are :
    • Maternity Benefits
    • Prescription Drugs Benefits
    • Dental Treatment Benefits
    • OPD Benefits
    • Annual Health Check-ups
    • Day Care Benefits
    • Senior Citizen Health Benefits

    Compare the health insurance plans at Cover 360 and buy the best-suited one, today! Safeguard your health!

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