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Major Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing A Home Alarm System

Posted by bdetechsingapore on May 28th, 2020

An alarm is required to alert you when your property is unattended or being invaded by intruders. A burglar alarm is designed to notify you if one or a group of people tries to break into your property while you are away from home or sleeping.

Like any modern security system, a home alarm system has several pros and cons, so go through the following to get a wider outlook about it.

Advantages of installing a home alarm system

Constant protection

It is not feasible to appoint security guards to watch over your property 24*7. The burglar alarm system Singapore will provide round the protection against any security threats to your property.

Strong deterrent

It is a fact that those houses have installed an alarm system along with other security surveillances is less prone to break-ins. When the infiltrators will know about the security of your house, especially the alarm system, they will not dare to attack your property.

Can be relocated

Just like your furniture items or the surveillance cameras, the alarm system devices can easily be relocated to different places. Today, most of the alarm system devices don’t require any wiring, so it is too easy to disconnect and install at your new address.

Disadvantages of installing a home alarm system

False alarm

Yes, these devices can make false alarm as well if any of your family members like small kids enter the restricted premises. Also there are instances where the alarms have gone off without any reasons.

They are expensive

No matter if you want to install the wired or non-wired alarm system, both of them could be very expensive. Though, it is just an initial investment, where you have to bear the cost of equipment, installation, and subscription.

They can be stolen

Depend on what type of alarm system you have, they can be stolen or disconnected from the site very easily. That is why you will need additional security measures, like installing surveillance cams and door access systems.

Though the alarm system won’t stop the robbery or break-in from happening, if you can integrate it with other security systems, your home security will be much stronger.

Why should you consider installing the card access control system?

Over the past few years, the security system has become more innovative and reliable, for example, the home alarm system. So, at this stage, you can’t just use the dinosaur technology and rely on the old school lock and key system to protect your assets or property.  

Installing a simple card access reader system will strengthen your security by a lot and if you want proof, read the following,

  • No worries of losing the keys or getting it mixed with others
  • It records the history of each entry and exits
  • It provides back up data
  • Restrict the unauthorized personals from entering
  • Cut down the management cost
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