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Guide To Playing Pool Table: Basic Rules And Terminology

Posted by HarveyCaron on June 2nd, 2020

It is pleasant to watch professional players showing their tricks and talents while competing at a big event. You are intrigued as they keep their eyes on the table holding the cue stick. The whole atmosphere is absorbed into the game. If you want to play pool like these heroes, search for classic billiard tables. When you bring home a pool table, you can enjoy playing and learning at your convenience. To play like a pro against friends and family, learn some basic rules and terminology of pool games.

Know the pool equipment
To get the most out of a pool game, you will need to invest in equipment and kits that are required for the game. The most important elements of this game are table, cue stick, and pool balls. First, choose the appropriate size of the cue stick. The stick is broader at one end your hand will be holding and the much narrower and pointed end you use for striking the ball. Generally, the stick comes in 58 inches for experienced players. However, other sizes are available as the users’ demands.
The pool table comes in three sizes – 7, 8, and 9 feet long. If you are looking for a table for home games, you can choose the smaller ones and the shorter cue stick.

Learn terminology
Watching a pool game on TV without knowing its language can make it hard to understand the game. It is better to look up for a pool game and its vocabulary on the internet. Avid pool professionals share and explain glossary on their blogs and tutorial videos. You can go through such posts learn fundamental terms commonly used in the game. The aiming point, backspin, banana shot, called-ball, center spot, and dead-ball are a few examples of pool terminology you can easily keep in mind. When you are ready to score against your opponent, toying with these terms can help you keep the game in your control.

Rack the pool table
Put the triangle shape rack on the central longitudinal axis of the table, between the first two diamonds on the edges. The tips of the triangle with the first ball should be pointed toward the other end of the table. There are 15 balls inside the rack with 7 stripe, 7 solid color balls, and one 8-ball.

If you are right-handed, hold the cue stick with your right hand and rest the other end of the stick on your left hand. Position the aim of your stick using your left index finger. Now, target the area on the table or balls and gently hit the cue ball with the stick. The sound of balls knocking at each other is the most pleasant thing to hear.

If you want to hone the pool table skills, get a contemporary pool table installed at home. Visit a pool table dealer that offers quality products at affordable prices.

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