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Why is it important to protect the environment for future generations?

Posted by Yana Jonson on June 5th, 2020

There are many reasons for which we should be serious immediately about protecting the environment for our future generations. To realize the fact, we have to know the present situation of the planet at first. How habitable is our earth now, and how is it changing day by day?

Is the changing of the climate and the environment of the earth favourable or a matter of anxiety?

The population is overgrowing. More people means more pollution in the environment because man is the only liable for environmental pollution.

We are polluting the atmosphere every day in various ways. We have got many types of vehicles invented by modern science such as bus, train, motorcycle, truck, etc. These vehicles move with fuel and produce huge carbon-di-oxide and other harmful gases which are polluting air extensively.

After the industrial revolution, plenty of industries have been established worldwide. Every product we use every day is produced in a factory. These industries pollute air discharging a massive amount of harmful gases every day. Moreover, the wastes of these industries pollute the environment immensely. Excessive emission of carbon-di-oxide is causing global warming, which has a significantly adverse effect on our climate.

There are more ways in which air is being polluted. Air pollution is just one type of environmental pollution, but there are so many types of environmental pollution also. Our life and health are at serious risk due to air pollution.

Water is another precious natural resources. It's also not out of pollution. We are already facing the crisis of pure drinking water everywhere.

Because of soil pollution and urbanization, the production of food is being decreased. There are more types of environmental contamination and needless to say that all kinds of pollution are hurting our environment and making our planet uninhabitable.

Moreover, we are deforesting for urbanization though plants are natural purifier of air.

After all, our existence on this earth is at high risk because of our negligence against nature.

Nither we can exclude the uses of modern vehicles nor the industries. So how will we save the environment and protect biodiversity?

It's the overall condition of our planet in short. Needless to say that the future is not shiny.

So there is no doubt that if we don't take any action to protect our environment, our next generation will fall into great danger.

Considering this situation, the United Nation has taken some active attempts to grow public awareness on protecting the environment.

United Nation has announced a day called The world environment day to raise consciousness about the environment among the people. 5th June is being celebrated as the world environment day since 1974. Most of the countries of the world are celebrating this day every year, arranging various types of programs.

We can also participate in those programs to support the environment and nature. We can also encourage others to protect the environment by saying them happy world environment day.

Final Thoughts

This short and simple description is enough to realize that the world is not nohow environmentally well. So now you have understood Why is it essential to protect the environment for future generations.

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