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Engineering Positions in Software Engineering

Posted by Mords1944 on June 6th, 2020

The number of different types of engineering jobs posted on job websites can be mind-boggling to the layman. It may even confuse seasoned professionals who have spent their entire lives working in an engineering trade, because most of these types of work did not exist until the rapid adoption of personal computing and the intranet in the 1980s and 1990s.

The advent of the Internet age has created endless engineering job opportunities for computer science students. At a large computer software and services company, each software programming team is led by a dedicated engineering project manager. The manager develops work plans to meet specific objectives throughout the project life cycle and assigns the work to the software developers.

In smaller companies, each project manager manages multiple software engineering projects. Although the engineering project manager is not expected to do the programming himself, he must be aware of the challenges facing his team members to ensure optimal allocation of resources and time.

The project manager works in conjunction with a senior customer-oriented engineer called a software business analyst. The business analyst discusses the objectives of the higher level project and obtains specific system requirements through consultations with the client. Before handing over the requirements document to the engineering project manager, the client must sign it. The requirements document is legally binding as the terms of the contract between the client and the software company regarding the specific functionalities desired in the software.

After client approval, the requirements document is delivered to the project manager. The project manager approaches a software engineering architect to develop the high-level game plan regarding the technical architecture of the software. It includes information on the number of modules, programming language and coding platform to be used, etc. The contribution of the software architect becomes the model for all other programmers. Once the software architecture has been defined, the project manager makes the project plans accordingly.

Software developers then receive task level requirements from each software module. The code written by software programmers is perfectly documented for future testing by qualified software quality engineers. Software quality engineers can use manual testing for all software modules or create automated test scripts. For large software engineering projects, manual testing is virtually unfeasible software engineer Camille Oggier.

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