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Posted by wallacegreen on December 6th, 2012

Some of the victims of negligence are wondering about the relevance of whiplash compensation calculator. Whiplash compensation calculator provides an idea on the amount of claim that can be granted to the person.

The Judicial Studies Board Guidelines lists the kind of injuries covered by General Damages which include injuries to the head, injuries which affects the senses, injuries to the internal organs, injuries to the face; injuries which include damage to the hair; injuries which include paralysis; injuries which result in psychiatric damage; injuries which result in the scarring of the body parts; and injuries which include skin condition like dermatitis.

Assessment of General Damages depends on individual’s circumstances. Factors like the seriousness of the injury sustained by the claimant like fractures affecting the leg, any mental or physical impairment, any disfigurement; whether the injured person is likely to make a full recovery or suffer the long term effect or side effects of the injuries; physical harm or mental effect to the injured person; whether the injured has experienced any loss of income or is likely to experience any loss of income in the future; the degree of pain that affects the claimant; and the impact of the injury that affects or may affect the person’s daily activities.

Whiplash – Not Just A Car Accident

Road accident is the most common cause of this illness. Car accidents usually involve an abrupt stopping force that makes the head move violently. The strong force makes the neck move sideways, forwards and backwards.

Aside from car crash, the illness is also caused by contact sports like boxing and rugby where there is a sudden blow to the head. Good thing that the current world champion in boxing is not knock down by this nor the rugby star players afflicted with the debilitating sickness.

Slips or falls can also force the head to move backwards. Stepping on a slippery floor or a spillage of oil is dangerous. A heavy object that strikes the head may cause the neck to jolt violently.

This kind of ailment can occur in unexpected places like traveling in a car, playing sports, walking on a hallway or just merely standing beneath the storage box.

 Anyone who suffers from this kind of ailment can bring a claim to compensate for the damages incurred from that nightmare. Whiplash compensation calculator evaluates the situation. Claims for accidents will depend on individual circumstance and the awards that can be granted will depend on each case. It is recommended to seek legal advice to know the details of the claim.

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