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Cryptocurrency Fraud and Scams | You Need to Pay Attention to! (UPDATED)

Posted by picasoth on June 19th, 2020

Cryptocurrency is not exactly a newfangled contraption, The idea of ​​decentralized digital assets was proposed in the late ’80s by David Chaum, an American cryptographer who led the Bitcoin, Blockchain, Altcoin, and computer revolution in his work. an entirely new way of looking at money transactions. But cryptocurrency fraud is one of the inevitable risks of this new digital opportunity. Today we discuss the common Crypto scam and suggest a website where you can read the Crypto servers reviews and then trader very safely.

OverNight Exchanges

Another cryptocurrency scam is the so-called shady or overnight exchange. Do you ask how it works? Imagine you want to exchange your digital token for a more efficient crypto coin. Naturally, any owner of these crypto coins should have a goal in mind if they are looking to increase their income. The best way to do this is to replace your item with the best one.

However, before working full-time on Wall Street, consider choosing a cryptocurrency broker or a legitimate and regulated trading system. What for? Because you can lose your portfolio by associating with a company that seems too good to be true.

Shady exchanges follow a similar style The child has cryptocurrency, the boy finds a better price, the boy makes a deposit by a dreamy entrepreneur, the boy asks how the deal works. With tears in his eyes, the businessman said he couldn’t grow the business, the price had dropped, and the coins were worth it. The result of the shadow trader will collect your coins and you will end up stumbling in your wallet.

Unregulated Brokers

Be careful that you trust your cryptocurrency wallet. There are dozens of unregulated online brokers and exchanges, and like many scam schemes, they attract low-priced, competitive trading products and fast-paying customers.

Once the deposit is made, it will be difficult to get your money. For example, they ask for high commissions or false reasons why you can’t get your money back or win. In the worst case, they will stop answering your calls and run away with your money.

Fraudulent Wallets

There is nothing wrong with choosing an app to manage your cryptocurrency wallet - there are many options and for most of them, they are awesome and easy to use. Yes, I know you are big, but around the corner, but this is an article about cryptocurrency fraud. Recently, many fraudulent wallets have been found in the Google Play Store.

While Google is trying to remove these installers, their attempts have been thwarted by malicious programmers, who have beaten hundreds of people. Anyway, the last crypto wallet for cloning was Vault. So what happens when you use one of these apps to manage your portfolio? Money comes and goes and melts away for nothing. Attention!

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