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Home Automation Without the Internet? Itís Possible!

Posted by JamesCooper on June 26th, 2020

When you think of home automation, the first that comes to the mind is the internet. If you want to make the transition to a smart home, the internet is one of the components that you want to pay attention to first. The best thing about the smart devices connected with the internet is that you get complete control. You can monitor and regulate various automated devices anywhere. Another reason that makes the internet a must is that smart home devices need regular updates to function to their best. It is only possible when you have access to the internet.

Risk of Internet-Connected Home Appliances

Home appliances connected to the internet offer many challenges, though. The devices that are connected to the internet are at increased risk of a security breach. They are more vulnerable to hacking, which can have serious implications for the homeowner. In the absence of adequate security measures, information and personal data are more at risk. Further, smart devices are more prone to fails and breakdowns than analog ones.

Smart Home Without Internet

These risks are making the homeowners look for alternative options. Is home automation without the internet possible? They are in search of the answer to this question. Thankfully, it is possible to create a smart home without using the internet. It means you don’t have to reach out to the internet to adjust the thermostat or turn the lights off. You can execute commands on their own. When there is a power outage, there won’t be many problems. Privacy concerns are also well addressed.

But doing so is not that easy. The entire thing can be challenging and time-consuming. A lot of research has to be conducted to find out what would work the best, sort the compatibility issues, and to find the right devices and appliances.

How to Make it Possible?

Every smart home needs a smart hub to control the various devices that are there in the house. Most of them require the internet. But there are a few options that offer some amount of local control. Choose a smart-hub that is compatible with most of the home appliances. It should be able to fully operate and run the rule-based engine for automation without having to connect with the internet.

The smart-hub connects to the devices using the Wi-Fi or the IP.  It may be equipped Zigbee and Z-wave to make it easy to connect the various smart-appliances that you may have. Plug a Z-wave or Zigbee stick to the hub. It would connect the devices for local access.

Look for Zigbee or Z-wave devices. Currently, these are the best wireless protocols meant for smart-home products. But the two are not compatible with each other, so you need to make a choice.

Z-wave allows you to set the devices apart as it has a long-range. Zigbee appliances create a mesh network, and distance isn’t an issue if you have many devices.


It’s possible to have home automation without the internet. Get a smart-hub that supports Zigbee and Z-wave devices. Connect the smart-devices, and you are done!

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