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High Optic Happiness with a Yellow Golf Ball

Posted by golflounge on June 27th, 2020

Just a few decades ago, the chances of seeing a yellow ball on a golf course were pretty slim. Virtually every golfer, whether male or female, young or old, hacker or professional, would only ever consider using a traditional white ball, but in recent times this has changed dramatically. The humble yellow ball, once just an unpopular standby for use in certain weather conditions, has come of age at last.

Yellow Golf Ball

The advantage of going yellow is literally obvious – a high visibility ball will stand out in the rough, so the chances are the user will lose less over the course of a year. Even in the thick rough, where many a ball is lost and many around are ruined, a bright yellow ball is far easier to find. And given the fact that many golfers spend a small fortune on balls, the benefit can soon be felt in the pocket.

At one time, only a handful of manufacturers even bothered to make yellow balls, because they figured the product wasn’t popular enough to market. Titleist has made them for many years, but only in their lower-priced range. It’s still not possible to buy yellow Pro V1 or Pro V1x balls, but if the current trend towards high optic balls continues this could become a reality at some point in the future.

Jumping on the yellow band-wagon

Other manufacturers have clambered onto the yellow band-wagon with enthusiasm over the past couple of years, and are reporting healthy sales figures in the process. Nike offer golfers a wide range of balls across the price spectrum, and their yellow offering, the PD Long, boasts distance off the tee as well as greater control with the irons when playing fairway shots to the green.

Often regarded as manufacturers of high-quality golf balls that are popular with golfers of a better standard, Bridgestone has moved into the yellow ball market with some success. Their e6 is an excellent ball that won’t break the bank, so if you’re on a budget this could be the one for you. Srixon, the respected Japanese manufacturer, also sell yellow balls, one of which has been seen on the European Tour thanks to South African pro-Tim Clark.

Although the most obvious advantage of going yellow is the ability to find your ball in the rough, many players find it easier to track their shots across the sky as well. Losing a ball in mid-flight is something all players have experienced at one time or another, especially on a cloudy or overcast day, so if this is a regular problem for you, why not try something different next time you tee off? For more details on Golf Lernen Hamburg visit the website, Minigolf Hamburg

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