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Effective and Competent Positive Displacement Pumps

Posted by roto on July 1st, 2020

Roto Pumps is among the top ten global Positive Displacement Pump manufacturers. A Positive Displacement Pump is designed to transfer an accurate amount of liquid over a defined period of time while ensuring a precise volumetric rate of flow. These pumps are capable of building high pressures. The flow of liquids usually depends upon the speed and the discharge pressure during the pumping operations. But a Positive Displacement Pump can manage to provide a uniform flow of liquid at varying speeds and discharge pressures. These pumps can handle a variety of liquids including highly corrosive and aggressive liquids.

Positive Displacement Pumps are named so as they employ the principle of positive displacement in their working. A PD pump operates with the help of two cavities at its suction and discharge ends. The cavity on the suction end is expanding while it is shrinking on the discharge end. The liquid moves inside the pump from the expanding to the shrinking cavities after being lifted, and then is expelled from the pump. The pumps operate as this entire process takes place in a continuous cycle. These kinds of pumps cater to a number of industries including the food, chemicals and petrochemical industries.

There are a variety of Positive Displacement Pumps with varying features that help them in serving different kinds of industries and applications.

One of such pumps is an External Gear Pump. As its name suggests, an External Gear Pump comes with gears that are fixed inside a casing. The pumps functions with the help of these gears as they move inside the casing. The rotation of the gears in opposite directions from each other lifts the liquid inside the pump, moves it through the intermeshing teeth of the gears and then makes it exit the pump through its discharge end.  As a type of a PD Pump, External Gear Pumps are capable of creating high pressure during the pumping operations. Roto’s External Gear Pumps are available in a range of materials and are used in oil & gas and paint industries among others.

Roto Pumps is also one of the well-known Chemical Dosing Pump manufacturers and suppliers. Wastewater pumps manufacturers these kinds of Positive Displacement Pumps are used for applications demanding accurate dosing. These pumps operate with the help of a motor and a controller. The controller is an important part of the machinery as it is responsible for controlling the rate of flow of the liquid. These kinds of pumps are used widely used in several industries including medical, food processing and mining.

The Chemical Dosing Pumps provided by Roto Pumps are ideal for low flow applications as they can manage the minimum flow of 0.68 LPH.

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