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Best Places To See Polar Bear In The Wild

Posted by Ashleyrobert on July 3rd, 2020

Listen as one of the most vulnerable species of the world, polar bears are facing an uncertain future, but still, there is hope. People who have already experienced viewing a group of polar bears can tell you how thrilling adventure it is.

If you are planning to have a glimpse of these amazing creatures, here are the three most amazing places you can visit.

1.Churchill, Canada

Churchill is most commonly known as the “Polar bear Capital of the world” and tops the list of the best polar bear viewing places. If you are anywhere around this place, you should visit this place. You will find many safaris and tours ranging from Photography focused excursions to luxury lodging and spotting the giant, extraordinary polar bears. This place offers both sustainability and responsibility for both its animals and guests so you won't have to worry about anything. You can explore the beautiful polar bears roaming and playing around the ice with full confidence and without any fear. Consider this as one of the best places to have a glimpse of those beautiful white creatures in the wild.

2.Wrangel Island, Russia

Another great place to view polar bears in the wild is the Wrangler Island of Russia. It is to the far east of Russia, exactly before Alaska (which is the next best place to see polar bears). The benefit of this site is that it is isolated from the people so the wildlife can flourish. A few years ago, around 230 polar bears were spotted feasting on a bowhead whale that coincidentally beached on the Arctic Island. Therefore, you can be sure to see at least one Polar bear on this isolated island.

If you are planning to visit here and worried about the tours, then rest assured. Many heritage expeditions and tours have been running cruises around here since 1993. This way you can get much closer to the giant bears.

3.Kaktovik, Alaska

As mentioned before, Alaska is one of the next best places to visit if you want to enjoy the polar bear view. Kaktovik, a tiny Alaskan village is the best spot to see polar bears in this area. Alaskan people are seriously dedicated to outdoors, which makes it a great opportunity to view not only polar bears but also to explore their culture and contribute to their local livelihoods. Kaktovik tours services offer the best polar bear tours by boat. You will see polar bears gathered in great numbers and know all about the place with the help of your host.

Polar bears are one of the most terrific creatures on the Earth and surely, you wouldn't want to miss seeing them. To boost your chances with Kaktovik tours services or other, to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Author’s bio- The author is a blogger. This article is about Kaktovik tours services

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