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Emergency Light Manufacturers-About Emergency Lighting

Posted by Bertlinsheng on July 9th, 2020

You might think that when you think of emergency lights, police cars and ambulances rush into town, and the sirens and lights flash. However, the signal lights for emergency signals attached to official vehicles are different from those in fixed structures. Signal lights in fixed structures can be used when the conventional power supply is interrupted for some reason.

By definition, this kind of lighting is part of a backup system; if it is used all the time in daily scenes, then the whole concept of emergency will be diluted to pointlessness. Instead, use emergency lighting to keep the pace of life in key locations (such as hospitals) as close to 100% as possible.

What is eligible for emergency lighting?
If you have been in a building with many people and were asked to evacuate, even if you know this is a drill, you may have considered how difficult the task is in the dark. And if it gets dark, it may be a real emergency.

Perhaps the most important function of emergency lighting is to allow people to find building exits that would not otherwise be illuminated, and allow coordination of rescue and other work in such places.

Consider the number of places where people gather under a roof: office buildings, theaters, churches, department stores, warehouses, government facilities, industrial facilities – with little imagination, you can portray all kinds of things that can go wrong without a light source The power supply is usually damaged.

How emergency lights work
In order to seamlessly transition to an emergency light source, first, the backup light source must have a guaranteed power source. This is usually achieved by using batteries that are continuously charged by the main power source of the building. If there is a power outage, a large, fully charged battery can usually keep enough power to run long enough to cope with a power outage caused by an emergency.

Some larger buildings require more than basic battery power in an emergency, so they have a backup generator that can power the main light (sometimes to a certain extent), and can also charge all on-site batteries. It is the third layer of protection against darkness.

Are those classic red "EXIT" signs regarded as emergency lighting? In a sense, they light up in an emergency, but if everything is normal, they will light up the rest of the time.

Emergency light parts
The main components of emergency lights are some kind of enclosure (usually but not necessarily a box), batteries, circuit boards and transformers. The battery powers the glowing light bulb or bulbs, while the circuit board and transformer charge the battery because the facility is no longer charged from its main power source.

The emergence of longer-life batteries such as nickel-cadmium batteries has prompted some changes in the field of emergency lighting. In particular, fluorescent lamps are sometimes used. The overall effect is to extend the potential life of the battery to two to three years. The life should be long enough so that routine inspections should indicate the need for replacement.

Test emergency lighting
It may make little sense to have emergency equipment that may not be available, so inspections may be more frequent than you think. Check once a month to check emergency lights and exit signs. The lamp is tested for 30 consecutive seconds, which in most cases is sufficient to expose problems that may not be discovered by a brief lighting test.

The important function of emergency lighting is to allow people to find building exits that would not otherwise be illuminated, and to coordinate rescue and other work in such places.  Yuyao Linsheng    is one of the professional Emergency Light Manufacturers     in China. Have its own laboratory and the most advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality. Welcome to buy:

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