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10 Reasons for doing business with social media

Posted by creativedesignblogs on July 14th, 2020

Reasons for doing business with social media

Being able to share content with thousands of subscribers at the same time is not the only advantage that companies have in using social media. Around the world, small businesses have gradually discovered the positive impact of social media on all areas of business. However, there are still some skeptics who still don't see or understand what social media can do for their business. In this publication, we list the 10 benefits of social media for the business that will convince skeptics, whether it is your boss or yourself.

# 1 - You learn more about your audience

For all companies, whatever the sector, it is essential to know their audience well. With social media, it becomes a breeze. Thanks to a tool like Hootsuite analysis reports, you can find out the main language spoken by your audience as well as their age and gender. This data helps you tailor your campaigns and product offerings to your target audience, which in turn increases your return on investment.

# 2 - You can target the audience more sharply

Geolocation targeting is an excellent way to send your message to a particular audience or demographic group based on their geographic area. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer tools that allow you to present the most relevant content to your audience. For example, in Hootsuite, you can target your audience according to their city, age, gender, love situation, interests, and education (parameters indicated on Facebook) and country (parameter mentioned on Twitter). If you want to send a post to people who speak Spanish among your subscribers, geolocation targeting is an excellent way to do this.

# 3 - You find new customers and grow your audience

With social media like Twitter, small businesses can locate their current customers or search for prospects. Imagine, for example, that you had just opened a cafe in the neighborhood: you can create a geographic search in Hootsuite to locate all the people around your establishment who have indicated that they want to drink a coffee this morning on Tweeter. Once you've found the people who tweet about their caffeine need, invite them to come and try one of the coffees you offer.

# 4 - You instantly get feedback from your consumers

Social media gives businesses immediate access to reviews, whether positive or negative. You have a better overview of the opinion of your consumers. For example, if you launch a new product and share it on social media, you will know directly what your customers think. Social media can also teach you how your consumers are using your products. Brands often start from consumer ideas to create new products or services.

# 5 - Improve the day before and get a step ahead of your competitors

With social media monitoring, you can discover vital information about your competitors and thus improve your knowledge of the market. This kind of data then allows you to make strategic decisions to stay one step ahead of the competition. For example, create search streams in Hootsuite to track mentions of your competitor's name or product. Depending on the results, you can orient your business strategy to offer a product that your competitors do not have.

# 6 - You increase your traffic to your site as well as your ranking on search engines

What to do to attract people to your brand new website? One of the first benefits of social media for businesses is their ability to increase traffic to your site. Not only do they redirect people to your site, but the more your content is shared, the more you climb in search results. If every person who subscribed to Hootsuite on Twitter retweeted this article, it would be ranked higher in Google's results for the expression "social media for business" and its variants.

# 7 - Content is shared faster and easier

Previously, marketers had to ensure that their content reached their consumers as quickly as possible. Since the advent of social media, sharing content has become quick and easy. When you use social media for your business, share content on your business, or select content, all you need to do is share it on your company's community accounts. But remember: for your consumers to share what you post with their subscribers, your social media content must be consistent with your brand and the interests of your audience.

# 8 - Social media generates leads for a third of the cost

Social media is an excellent way to generate leads. For example, at Hootsuite, the marketing department is focused on content and social platforms, and it was by posting ads on Twitter that we were able to deploy, increase our Reach, and generate demand. Hootsuite sponsors two types of content via advertisements on Twitter: open access content (free content that does not require an e-mail address to access it) and restricted access content (free content that requires register with an e-mail address). Sharing restricted content on social media is the right way for a business to generate leads.

# 9 - You create meaningful relationships with your consumers

Social media is a great way to build meaningful relationships with consumers. For example, tourism brands can engage in dialogue with travelers to create relationships before, during, and after booking a stay, likewise, for car or cosmetic brands that will discuss their customer experience or their opinion on a product. This kind of dialogue on social media between brands and their customers is impossible to achieve with traditional advertising.

# 10 - You increase your notoriety and your Reach without breaking the bank

Social media has enabled businesses to increase awareness and reach of their brand at minimal or almost zero cost. The expenses associated with these strategies are significantly higher when traditional methods of advertising are used. For some time now, companies have been recruiting Community Managers from their marketing teams to develop the notoriety and Reach of their brand on social media. Their role is to create relationships with the online audience in different regions.

Still not convinced of the interest of social media?

If you're still not convinced after reading these ten benefits of social media for business, we've created a handy presentation for you. It addresses four key elements to highlight the interest of social media as a tool to follow trends, find growth opportunities, and create brand ambassadors.

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