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Eleven Golden Rules of Content Writing

Posted by Inteliqo Services on July 16th, 2020

The internet is exploding with contents and not all of them are reaching the readers' eyes. Content writing is an art and a website content writer indulges in creativity and tricks that draw in customers leaving them wanting more.  A website represents a company and the content promotes its products and services. Bland content will affect the brand identity and will not entice a purchase decision. On the contrary, well-written website contents help a brand stand out from the competitors and successfully capture the readers' attention long enough to initiate the conversion.

A nicely designed website is appeasing to the eye is not good enough for drawing organic traffic. It needs a human touch to empathize with target customers which is why investing in website content writers is equally important. Professional website content writers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to produce an out of the ordinary piece that will stand out among the 1.9 billion websites in existence.

Website content writing is a skill developed and nurtured to generate measurable content. But rather than being intimidated by the sophistication follow the Eleven golden rules of content writing to take your website to the next level.

Optimize For SEO

The first step in creating engaging content is making sure it reaches the readers' eyes. Otherwise no matter how great the content is it will not generate organic traffic. With 3.5 billion google searches every day, the content should have the right keyword density to come up in the search results. Tools like Yoast will help in nailing down all the right keywords to boost your SEO.

Be Informed On Your Target Audience

A website content is not merely promoting a product or service. Promotion remains inherent in successful interaction with the target customers. It should be informative and designed according to the norms in customer behavior and the latest trend. The content should focus on the benefits and not the features to evoke an emotional response helping the reader arrive at a purchase decision.

Tempt Readers with Inviting Headlines

The headline creates the first impression on what a content has to offer. It has to be captivating enough to keep the reader glued to the entire post. Out of every 10 readers, 8 will read the headline and only 2 will proceed in reading the entire content. Thus an inviting headline is necessary to compel the readers to make a stop at your website.

Utilize the Inverted Pyramid Model for Dispersion of Information

Readers don’t like to work for what they are looking for, it must be readily served to them. For this reason, following the inverted model for saturating information throughout the content is helpful to make the reader decide to stay. Displaying the most important information first will increase the attention metrics of the readers without them being irritated or bored.

Make Sentences as Simple and Concise as Possible

Correct grammar and sentence making are impertinent to any content but that doesn’t mean it should be too rich from a literal point of view. The quality of the content should be based on the audience, not on the wordsmithing of the content itself. Customers are not interested in reading the actual content and rather focus on extracting the desired information as soon as possible. Hence, the sentences should be concise and simple enough to not outrun the reader’s patience.

Create Skimmable Contents

Almost 55% of the visitors will spend only 15 seconds or less to read a post. To keep the focus of the readers, the content must be structured in a way that it is very easy to eyeball the main information. Small paragraphs, headlines or bullets serve this purpose perfectly making it easier for the readers to find what they want easily otherwise they will move on.

Keep the Action Alive Without Resorting to Passive Voice

The factor of excitement in a piece of content is a must for initiating customer engagement. Passive voice relays the main subject as an afterthought which is why the website content  should stick to using active voice mostly. The style of wording emphasizing on the action in a sentence will keep the interest in motion.

Back Up Your Content with Data and Images

Painting a picture for the readers always equips them with a clear understanding. Readers can process any visual information 60,000 times faster when compared to words in a text.  Besides images, data make the content easier to read and also assures the reader of the credibility of the information relayed. Every page in a website must have at least one pictorial display included the content.

Enrich the Word Cloud

The content must be devoid of repeated and overused words. Interesting synonyms as well as words that perfectly match with the tone should be used to make the content interesting. One or two metaphors can also be used to induce originality in the text.

Layer the Content

Providing hyperlinks within the content body keeps the user engaged to the website. The links help them find more great contents to relevant resources as well as other contents on the website. This links also helps with the SEO but care must be taken to keep the number of internal links reasonable. A text overloaded with links is irritating to the readers' eyes.

Write a Strong Call to Action

As readers finish going through a content nothing works better than a great call to action to incorporate a sense of urgency among them. This creates a now or never feeling in the readers' mind compelling to take action.

Content writing adheres to a particular style and is a complicated task to accomplish. Practice according to the aforesaid tips will help to develop one's skills in creating effective web contents. If you are a web content writer follow the 11 golden rules to ornate your contents. However, professional website content writing services can be also be availed if you are a business owner and want to focus on your business while professionals take care of it.

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