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Posted by teresal on July 20th, 2013

Kingdoms of Camelot (koc cheap gems) is a strategy game very similar to any other because it focused on the construction of buildings of the fortress used to set up the armies and research new technologies.

You spend most of the game of switching off between the views of your holdings initially scarce and the rest of the world around you, where the player fight goes on, and expands view of the latter driving back the clouds that hide the sprawling world around. Again, the waiting times for almost every action Kingdoms of Camelot uses them in full which is likely to be a slow start to begin less than shelling out the money for the premium currency to spend on a higher speed. A key distinction of Kingdoms of Camelot over its competitors is that it is so easy to understand. 
It also excels in the way it allows you to manually enacted the battles that appear when you engage other players and or objectives on the map, rather than forcing you to look at your actions are carried out through automated attacks. The combat is not exactly in depth, however, many revolutions revolve around using powerful artifacts for fans or the attacks, but compared to many Facebook games, Kingdoms of Camelot allows you to approach something of the charm of a series like arcane empires

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