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Half way through this year most babies are walking and many are starting to have conversations. They are turning into toddlers. By their second birthday they are beginning to loose that baby look and growing taller instead of rounder. As these toddlers get stronger and more capable, their rate of physical growth slows during this year. During this time it is important to make sure your baby has lots of nutritious foods to eat to establish healthy eating habits and a safe place where he or she can be active and explore.


During the second year of life what you will notice more than growth is the change in physical appearance. Instead of sporting the rounded belly and soft arms and legs suited for crawling on all fours, during this second year your toddler will most likely trim down, become more muscular because of increased activity, and begin to look more like a preschooler than a baby.


Like babies toddlers come in all shapes and sizes. Your doctor will continue to plot your child?s growth on a growth chart during regular check ups. Although you may be concerned that your child is too thin or too chubby at any one time, the most important thing is that your child continues to grow at a steady rate. If your baby is happy, active and interested in things in his surroundings, then most likely he is getting enough to eat and is growing properly.


In his second year your baby is going to start self feeding and trying new tastes and textures for the first time. Now is the time to start building your child?s palate with nutritious foods that are packed with vitamins needed for healthy growth.


It is usual for toddlers to take to simple flavors like instant noodles a

Foundation of healthy eating habits, it is crucial to keep exposing your child to a variety of different foods and not accommodate this food addiction. Many kids especially at this age need to be exposed to new flavors 10-15 times before they accept.



A heavier child should not be placed on calorie restricted diet without specific medical advice and supervision. Encourage activity and exploration by providing a safe environment that lets your child be active every day. In addition to providing physical activity, this is how a lot of learning takes place. At the same time, you may want to put away special vases or decorations so you don?t worry about them being broken or your child getting hurt. Since most toddlers are seizing every opportunity to move whether by scooting, crawling, cruising or walking, do not let them spend too much time in confined spaces-such as car seats, strollers, swings and cots or to restrain them from moving and exploring.


Do not make comparisons between children. Your child will grow as tall as his genetics intended. If you have any concerns about your child?s growth, talk to your doctor.









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