The dilemma of approaching a divorce lawyer or an immigration lawyer

Posted by adairsawyer on August 24th, 2013

Like many, you may often be faced with the dilemma of when and how should you approach a divorce lawyer or an immigration lawyer. Both these cases require a different set of expertise. Your approach and decision will depend on the kind of situation you find yourself in.

Divorce lawyer

A divorce lawyer is one who specializes in cases of divorce and separation. He / she is one who has a strong knowledge of the laws pertaining to separation and can, thus, guide you through the complexities of the situation and the legal proceedings.

But would you need the help of a divorce lawyer, you may ask. Your partner and you may have fallen apart but an amicable settlement may be reached by the two of you without the aid of any legal professional. Yes, it’s true that everyone seeks to have an amicable settlement. But more often than not, things are not that simple. A divorce is not just about dissolving the marriage and ending the relationship between the two partners. It involves other issues such as alimony and the custody or right over your children. Given the complexities of the case it is best that you seek professional guidance. The laws that pertain to divorce and separation are far more complex than one can comprehend. It is only with the help of a divorce lawyer that you would be able to gain an understanding of the law and be guided as to the steps you should take to ensure the well-being of your children and to safeguard your interests.

The importance of having a good divorce lawyer cannot be underplayed, especially when your partner has a legal professional himself. In order to ensure you are on equal footing you must seek professional help because only a qualified person would be able to analyze, understand and approach the situation in a manner that is befitting. Only he / she, with his / her knowledge of the laws and procedures, and experience in the field, will be able to frame the information and facts correctly to help ensure you have a strong case in hand.

Immigration lawyer

Understanding the laws of the land is crucial for you to ensure you are not breaching them when you decide to migrate to a foreign land or sponsor you family to one. This is where the immigration lawyer steps in.

Every land has its own set of laws, which by their very nature are complex. A lack of understanding may cause you to make the wrong move that would lead to you being deported back to your nation of origin and losing all chances of a possible future in the foreign land.

A good immigration lawyer can help you avoid these unnecessary hurdles by studying your case and advising you at every step. From advising you on the type of visa that would be most suitable for you, assisting you in the collection of the documents required for submitting along with your visa application, completing your application form to communicating with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on your behalf – a good immigration lawyer helps you through it all.

It is, thus, recommended that you seek the help of a professional divorce lawyer or immigration lawyer to ensure a smooth transition through all the required legal procedures that you may be faced with.

If you are faced with the dilemma of choosing a divorce lawyer or an immigration lawyer this piece of information may help you.

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