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Headaches are one of the most pain related health problems in both children and adults. You may have a headache along with another minor health problem such as a sore throat, cold, or sinus problem.


Types of headaches


The most common types of headaches usually are not serious but may occur again and again.

?Tension headaches are the most common type of headache and are often caused by stress and emotional strain. Most adults have tension headaches from time to time.

?cluster headaches

?Migraine headaches. Approximately one third of people who have migraine headaches first began having them as teenagers.


Common causes of headaches


?Alcohol, caffeine or other drug use or withdrawal.

?Changes in the level of chemicals in the body

?coughing or sneezing


?Dental problems or procedure, such as pain from grinding the teeth or from a root canal

?Eating or drinking cold foods or fluids

?Exposure to smoke or fumes from chemicals, including carbon monoxide

?Emotional stress



?High altitude. Lower level of oxygen at high altitudes can cause headaches.

?Medical procedures such as the aftr effects of the lumber puncture( spinal tap)

?Medications. Many medications can cause headaches.

?Muscle strain in the neck, upper back, or shoulder muscles.

?Upper respiratory infections.


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