Functions and Merits of Biomass Briquetting Machine

Posted by Deepi on October 29th, 2013

Briquetting Plant Manufacturer in India uses latest briquetting technology instead of the traditional fuel material like gas, lignite and coal, we can get a higher calorific value, this technology is ever more being used in the rising world as another alternative as to charcoal.

                      In the developing world, there are various briquetting machine manufacturers and supplier which supplies these plants. Briquetting press machine manufacturers also provide a machine that is a subordinate to the conventional fossil fuels which can be used in various manufacturing plants such as kilns, boilers and furnaces. The output from these machines is biomass briquette which is also known as ‘white coal’. Biomass briquettes are mostly used to produce electricity from the steam which emits during burning process. It is a biodegradable solid bio fuel helping many industries to reduce pollution which helps to make greener environment.

                 There is a number of exporter and supplier that happens to be involved in the manufacturing of briquetting press machine and other briquetting equipment. These manufacturers are generally knowledgeable in this field and possessing the specialized expertise in developing superior quality  briquetting equipment design and style to offer their potential customers premium performance and reliable in giving the craving output also with the Guarantee to last the machine for till so much number of years.

Production of Biomass Briquettes

− Preparation of raw material – automatic fragmentation of the biomass or other waste using a biomass shredder (depending on the technology used and the type of biomass or raw material.)

− Drying of the shredded biomass portion in the flash air dryer. (Optionally used when the value of the biomass moisture is too high).

− Briquetting of biomass using various types of briquette press such as jumbo 90 briquetting press or super 70 briquette press. Briquettes are bio fuel which is made from agriculture waste or industrial waste without emit any type of pollution.

                        Biomass briquetting plant is naturally discovered to create healthy and green environment. According to latest news, China wants to cut down on coal and its affect on global warming. It is desirable to start your own briquette plant. If you are thinking to start your own briquetting plant then you are on the way to make cash from devastated material. Biomass briquette is a perfect foil which usually been used alternatives fire, coal, lignite, including a few other fuels for heating system steam generation.

                   Briquetting plant is the trustable source of energy and way to earn revenue from garbage.

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