Advantages Of Using The VSAT Technology For Internet Connectivity In Africa

Posted by intersat on September 25th, 2020

VSAT or Very Small Aperture Terminal is a type of a satellite communications system that is commonly used to provide smooth internet connectivity in areas where the typical fiber optic lines are not suitable for installation.  VSAT Internet in Africa is especially quite popular due to the gaps in connectivity present in its remote jungles and villages. There is not proper availability of copper and fiber lines in many of these areas, and hence the VSAT system comes as a boon for the people there.

 In case of the VSAT system, the end-user would need a box that interfaces between the computer of the user, as well as an outside antenna along with a transceiver. This transceiver would basically receive and send signals to a satellite transponder in the sky. Many providers of broadband internet in Africa are now using the VSAT system, as it enables them to cater to the customers living in even the most remote areas.  VSAT system is capable enough to meet the high-speed broadband requirements of both commercial and residential customers at rates that they can afford. While this system has many advantageous characteristics, some of the major ones are:

  • Reach:  There are many remote regions in the world, especially in Africa, where even the basic mobile networks are not available.  VSAT technology can, however, deliver unhindered high-speed broadband in even these regions.
  • Mobility: VSAT provides a high level of flexibility when it comes to mobility. Its users can enjoy internet connectivity even while moving from place to another. This feature makes the VSAT technology ideal for travelling doctors, diplomats, travel journalists, NGO workers, environmentalists, and so on.
  • Quick deployment:  The deployment of VSAT service is extremely easy and hassle-free. Provided the satellite is already in orbit, this service can be deployed within just a few hours.
  • Scalability:  The connectivity requirements of commercial clients might increase with time, as their brand continues to grow and flourish. VSAT service can easily be scaled up according to the requirements of the users, without incurring any such high expenses.
  • Reliability: The VSAT technology remains majorly unaffected by weather or regional conditions. Hence, people can rely on this service for enjoying seamless and uninterrupted connectivity.

People can easily contact any well-established provider of internet in Africa to enjoy seamless connectivity through the VSAT technology. Details of such companies can easily be found on the web.


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