The Main Uses Of Propane Service

Posted by ThompsonGas on January 14th, 2014

If you live within the United States, then you probably use propane gas for one purpose or another at home. If not, then you might know or know about at least one industry that uses propane to meet its energy needs. Propane use can be divided into two categories: home propane and commercial propane. Note these differences do not really exist as much as the type of gas is concerned (propane remains propane either way) but to the manner in which the gas is consumed or used.

Home propane

As the name suggests, home propane is used within the house. Propane for home can either be bought in large gas cylinders from an LPG gas service provider or it may be delivered directly to your house through a pre-installed, propane home delivery unit. Many homeowners are also opting for oil to propane conversion system at home. Oil to propane conversion is a great option because it can save the average household $500-$1,000 a year with little or no upfront costs.

Home heating propane is the most common type of home propane. If you live in a cold climate area, then you have probably seen a Mendota fireplace running on propane to heat a room in any house. This is not the sole purpose for which home propane can be used. It can also be used for powering appliances within the home, heating water and more. Most residential propane service providers will give you clear instructions on how much propane you need around the house in order to perform specific functions.

Commercial propane

This is used in large industries to power heavy machinery or for restaurants to power stoves or ovens. Most companies prefer this solution because it is much cheaper than other alternative sources of energy and is much easier to access. If a business is developing green initiatives, then commercial propane gas is the perfect energy source. It’s a green fuel that emits fewer lifecycle greenhouse gases than gasoline and diesel.

If you’re interested in saving money and powering your home or business efficiently and environmentally friendly, then you should contact qualified LPG gas suppliers to install, refill and maintain your system.

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This article was written by Krista Scarlett, communications specialist for ThompsonGas. The 16th largest retail propane company in the U.S., ThompsonGas has been family owned and operated since 1946. The propane gas dealer provides cheap propane for residential and commercial propane gas service to customers across 10 states in the East and Southeast.

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