Computer games make us better people

Posted by ColorCoyote on September 29th, 2020


Computer games tend to add to the potential negative impacts, but scientists and programmers also attribute positive effects on health, education and other social skills to them, the AFP agency wrote.

The power of play is to encourage children to eat healthier, to help seniors maintain brain function, to solve problems such as poverty and climate change.

Most Americans said in a recent poll that they perceive a link between violent computer games and violent behavior. However, many scientists report that there is little evidence that playing games could provoke violent tendencies in players. On the contrary, they point to a number of positive effects.

A better brain? Why not!

Games can have positive effects mainly on psychological function. In her lab focused on the benefits of playing with scientists focus on learning and teaching. They're trying to understand the exact mechanisms, such as the impact on the speed of reaction and memory. Lear here how is LOL still the most popular game after a decade?

Allaire conducted a recent study that found that seniors playing computer games felt emotionally better than their non-playing peers. Although the study does not yet offer a clear link between cause and effect, Allaire believes that further research will eventually reveal this link.

However, he acknowledged that after a wave of mass shooting cases perpetrated by violent computer games, scientists are being forced to revise their positions. If, as a scientist, I say that I think games have a positive effect, then it would be hypocritical to say that they can't have a negative impact either.

Both large gaming companies and independent developers have created many games to encourage positive skills and habits. Founded by student Dennis Ai, a student at Northwestern University, Jive Health has come up with a mobile game that encourages children to eat more fruits and vegetables. Its goal is to fight childhood obesity.

Playing against obesity

In the game, children have to find apples and other fruits for their animal characters and at the same time take photos of real food so that they can advance to the next level. " Kids really enjoy the game, it looks very promising," said Ai, whose team won the Innovation Challenge award sponsored by the nonprofit Partnership for a Healthier America. " You can't teach kids to eat healthier just by preaching to them," Ai added. .

video game

Even the much-criticized "shooters" may have a bright side: a study by the University of Toronto has shown that playing shooter or computer games in which a car is driven, even for a short time, improves the ability to find a hidden target.

Games as an anchor

Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital have found that a computer game can help children with outbursts of anger manage their own emotions. The game they used to do this requires shooting at enemy spaceships, but not hitting friends. When the heart rate rises above a certain level, players lose the ability to shoot, which teaches them how to stay calm, according to a study by a hospital published in the journal Adolescent Psychiatry.

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