Ideas To Modify Old Furniture To Become A Cool Home!

Posted by Keith Hackett on September 30th, 2020

old furniture

Modified old furniture, no longer used Can be used again and again, just DIY with the following creative ideas.

Old furniture that cannot be used anymore If you regret it and still don't want to leave it empty, try to convert it into a cool piece of furniture in your home. In order to come back and work again better This work will require a bit of creativity and DIY work, but the results will be worthwhile if you are ready to go. Let's take a look at some great ideas from Listotic at the same time.

Long chair, lie down and lie down to enjoy the view in the garden

Instead of throwing the old chair suddenly into the trash. But turn it into a nice chaise lounge in the garden by cutting 2 old chairs to rest the legs on the backrest Then assembled the wood to make a section of the long seat. Attach it to the leg and paint it a bit. Add a little more cushion to finish.

Turn the file cabinet into a broom holder.

Change the steel cabinet for storing documents that are both rusted Plus some of the drawers have also been ruined. Into a storage for brooms and gardening equipment By removing all drawers Then sanding with sandpaper before painting like May add a pack board to hang over there Immediately holding onto the back Ready to store all the brooms and long-handled gardening tools.

home furniture

Study table from baby bed

Small children in the home when they grow up. A four-sided cage bed would be useless. Then turn the baby bed into a personal space that your little one will love. By removing the cage on one side Then stick a board to write and write, this table will be a favorite corner that the little one can spend all day.

Budget sofa for reception

This idea is a super easy modification of furniture, just take the old, unused shelf and tilt it down, then make a long seat from a fabric sponge. Or simply pick up 3-4 cushions and place them easily, and they'll turn out to be a proud DIY guest sofa.

TV cabinet leads to a miniature kitchen

Small TV cabinet with antique looks that cannot be used in the new era Just touch and paint Before adding trinkets to become a kitchen counter for the little girls in the house Then put it in the bedroom. Guaranteed to be pleasant until the little boy does not fuss.

Vintage TV stand from old cabinets

Old wooden cabinet with some drawers already damaged. To remove the waste drawer. Then polished to Chaweewan before painting as you like. To turn into a beautiful classic TV stand The free space from the drawer. I found a couple of vintage baskets to put in the most beautiful things. Check out this source for effective information now.

The bookshelf serenaded with music

A large piano that cannot be used anymore It is not in good enough condition for a beautiful display, then turn your beloved piano into a stylish bookshelf like in the picture. By removing the piano frame Then fill the wooden shelf for books. Paint and hold strong to the wall. Now, the beautiful piano comes back to life.

A floating bed that can save money

If your friends love the idea of transforming a baby bed into a school desk. You'll definitely love this idea, as this DIY is perfect for little ones who are already old enough to walk or climb. Instead of having to throw away the old bed and buy a new one. Just open the cage on one side as a door. And fill the stairs for going up and down Became the most exclusive private bed A very economical model.

A chic towel hanger

The old wooden stairs are not strong enough to climb, so do not leave. Just clean and switch to a towel holder in the bathroom. Can hang several at one time Plus giving a look like a lot of vacationers.

Washbasin designed to be torn from an old bicycle

Think outside the box by modifying an old bicycle into a beautiful washbasin decoration. Where aptitude lies in the front basket, it becomes a place for hand towel holder perfectly Beautiful, quirky and creative, don't tell anyone.

A versatile clothes hanger from an old chair

For the house with a narrow space Not having enough storage for clothes Bring 3-4 folding chairs and attach them to the wall. Use a wooden chair base for hanging clothes. And the seats set up baskets for the accessories Chic and stylish, without having to buy a folding hanger to waste money.

Get an idea and you can do some modifications. So that these old things don't have to be left worthless. Plus, we also save money and buy new things to use as well.

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