Credit Card Data: What You Can and Canít Store

Posted by brianlatch66 on October 6th, 2020

Almost each one of us must have come across the term credit card frauds, you might also have heard multiple stories about such frauds taking place through online transactions, this stories tell us how small and large amounts are stolen from businesses and customers through means of stealing the credit card details. Even some of the top business and technologically well equipped stores might get the hit of credit card fraud at some point of time

Hence, the most important and necessary thing that can be done is to try and reduce the risks of undergoing such frauds as much as possible and for this the basic thing that you can do is be updated on the changing rules of credit card processing and also have a trusted card processing service provider that offers you the maximum possible security for credit card processing.

For any merchant it is necessary to be familiar with the term ‘card on file’. Either for customer relationship management or for repeating billing plans the card details of the customers are stored as identification for returning customer and this details are stored in file also known as the ‘card on file’. But as a merchant it is important that you know what you can store in this file and what you can’t.

So, we here we are with an easy guide for the smallest of merchants to help them in the process of handling credit card data in a legalized manner. The only thing one the checklist is to be using a payment card industry hardware to carry out this process.

Following is everything that is included in the card holder data.

1) 16 digit Primary Account Number (PAN)

2) Card Holder Name

3) Service Code

4) Card Expiration Date

And this data can be stored by a merchant in multiple forms like,

a) Truncation aka Masking

b) Hash Functions

c) Cryptic Language

d) Encrypted and coded language.

In all this data the sensitive data that can be used for the authentication of the customer should never be stored, The PCI necessity also stated the same. The merchnat with International Bank Services (IBS) never has to worry on how to store and not store the particular data, as we at IBS have a fully developed payment gateway as per the requirements of the PCI guidelines, As for the sensitive data encryption is not all and the data has to be deleted, IBS’s developers have designed gateway for the same.

So, click on the above button and join IBS and apply for your merchant account with the best credit card processing services.

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