How Does a Personal Loan Can Impact Your Credit Score?

Posted by charlesyee on October 7th, 2020

There is no doubt! Personal loans can either improve your credit score or hit you badly. Making payments on-time and maintaining the terms and conditions of paying off a loan can easily build the credit. But on the other hand, late payments can significantly damage your credit score, which further creates problems while acquiring a loan in the future.

Sometimes, people hit with unexpected and emergency medical expenses. But, a personal loan is possible to ease your burden during such circumstances. Having enough cash on hand can be a lifesaver. But, not following the required terms and conditions of paying off a loan can affect your credit score in both good and bad ways. Generally, a personal loan is unsecured. On the basis of the borrower's credit history, the moneylenders can determine how much a person is responsible for paying off a loan. For example, the moneylenders of a Singapore based loan company help in making instant approval on a loan application. The presence or absence of delays in payments can lower the level of borrowers' credit score.

Well in this guide, we will mention in detail - how does a personal loan can impact your credit score? So, let’s get started.

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What is a Personal Loan?

Personal Loans & Credit Score

How Personal Loan Impact on Your Credit Score?

  • Payment History
  • Borrowed Amount
  • Total Lending Period
  • Disciplinarity And Responsibility


What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is usually an unsecured loan as mentioned above. This means it does not require collateral like your house or any other item. Such types of loans are generally used for debt consolidation, home renovation, weddings, vacation, or medical emergency expenses. Basically, personal loans are available with lower interest rates as compared to credit cards. These are the instant loan approval methods for consolidating multiple loans into a single loan. Rather than paying off different bills or loans at different times, it would be good to choose the debt consolidation option for handling your payments. 

Personal Loans & Credit Score

According to the founder of, "For a personal loan to have maximum impact to an individual’s credit scores, you should focus on three key things: maintaining a positive payment history, paying more than the minimum amount due each month, and reaching a low balance owing (below 30%) as soon as possible."

Credit score might rise and fall, depending on - how you repay your debts on time. The credit score is generally estimated using the information of your credit history like repayment record, the total amount of money you owe, the duration of credit history, credit mix, and your latest credit inquiries. Credit history is a financial document that contains information about all loans and borrowings of a person over the past 10 years.

The monthly payment for a personal loan will depend on the amount, term, and interest rate of the loan, which highly depends on your credit score. Having a high credit score will consider you a responsible borrower and you counted as an eligible person for better terms. But, a lower credit score can consider you as a less creditworthy person and approved for a low-interest personal loan. 

How Personal Loan Impact on Your Credit Score?

Payment History

The main reason for the damaged credit history is the late payments of a loan. While taking out a personal loan, the lenders break up the loans into multiple, small, and regular monthly payments in order to pay off the loan on time. Following such terms can significantly improve your credit score while missed or late payment can hurt your score. Therefore, payment history is the most important factor that can either leave a positive or negative impact on your credit history. But, one late payment can dramatically lower your credit history. Simultaneously, it takes months and years for maintaining and keeping your credit score on the top.

Borrowed Amount

Taking out more and more personal loans means you are adding money to your total borrowed amounts. Probably, this will significantly lower the score. Adding more debts means that you are increasing your overall debt load, which will take your credit score down. But, if you do not use your credit more likely, obtaining a personal loan helps your borrowed amounts owned in the long run. Managing your debt loan is advantageous for improving your credit score. It also helps in creating a good impression in front of potential moneylenders for showing that you are creditworthy.

Total Lending Period

One of the key parameters that allow predicting the course of events with a high degree of reliability. It is not uncommon for moneylenders to refuse clients with a high level of solvency, but with no credit history. Therefore, counting on a large loan, you should prepare for the approval procedure in advance and pay off several small loans in order to create a good image for yourself. Impeccable compliance with contractual obligations allows you to achieve a high level of trust between all parties to the agreement.

Disciplinarity And Responsibility

The regularity of payments determines 35% of the level of customer confidence. Licensed moneylender in singapore believe that regular payment of debt is a characteristic of a client who can henceforth be trusted. Late payments are negative reputation factors. The frequency of payments is calculated for the entire period of the contract and demonstrates the quality of fulfilment of the obligations undertaken, therefore, the presence of one or two delays over several years cannot greatly affect the points.


This indicator can be improved mainly by timely servicing of loans. If the personal credit rating is low, then experts advise not to take out a mortgage right away. As said before, for improving your credit score and maintaining the reputation, it would be good to use your pay off your debts responsibly. To be eligible for a fast loan in Singapore, make sure you are meeting eligibility criteria.

Avoid taking out more money. You need to make your payments on time and make sure your payment amounts fit within your budget. For handling or paying off multiple loans, you can use a personal loan as a debt consolidation loan for making repayments conveniently.

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