Advantages Of A REIT Investment Fund

Posted by americancolonial on February 24th, 2014

American Colonial Capital Offers New Real Estate Investment Funding Opportunity

Working with a quality REIT investment fund is an important element to an investor’s REIT investment strategy to mitigate risk by ensuring that you are invested in a diversified portfolio of real estate assets. Real estate is a hard estate that, over time, generally appreciates in value and this is an excellent way to mitigate investment risk. Furthermore, the advantages of investing in real estate through a REIT investment fund, or through real estate private equity firms, include tax advantages and annuities in the form of annual dividends required by law. Ultimately, a properly structured REIT investment fund works on behalf of the investor and provides the following advantages as outlined by

  • Income & Long-term Growth
  • High Dividend Yield
  • Professional management
  • Oversight and Transparency
  • Disclosure Obligations

Yes, the real estate market has had a rough few years, but historically, even in market downturns, real estate recovers and often nets a positive return on investment. Of particular note is the recovery in commercial real estate investing across the USA for 2014. According to TIAA CREF financial services USA Commercial Real estate investment performance hints at a promising 2014 and working with a well managed private and publicly traded REIT investment fund that offers a diversified commercial real estate investing approach could benefit investors.

American Colonial Capital is one of a few real estate private equity firms that investors can work with to invest in a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate assets.  These real estate assets include: commercial real estate; multifamily real estate; hotels and hospitality; and the senior-housing and student-housing sector. American Colonial Capital has taken important steps to grow, diversity, and manage its portfolio of real estate assets for investors to leverage what Mitch Roschelle of the U.S. real estate advisory practice leader at PwC described as “real optimism”for the real estate market for 2014. 

Mr. Roschelle stated in a November 2013 report that “…real optimism has emerged as a key theme in the real estate market for 2014 as trends are progressing significantly through the economic and real estate recovery cycles…[and] The steady economic recovery and job creation has created ‘tailwinds’ that have propelled the commercial real estate market forward….” American Colonial Capital’s recent steps to leverage these commercial real estate investing opportunities include:

  • Reaching a merger accord with Tricorp Hearn Construction, one of California’s leading commercial General Contractors, for construction management of American Colonial Capital property investment portfolios in Q1 2014
  • The Signing of an agreement with Axxcess Capital to source acquisition and development capital for institutional investments and its private, non-traded REIT investment fund
  • Partnering with Hilton, Hyatt, and The Marriott Group to manage and operate hotels

To learn more about American Colonial Capital, its commercial real estate investing strategy, and how they make real estate investing for beginners, easy, transparent, and available to all levels of investors, please visit

About Us: American Colonial Capital, LLC is a private, real estate, and investment company focused on acquiring, developing, financing, and managing real estate assets. The company takes an asset-based and asset-diversification approach to real estate investing to provide downside investment protection and consistent yield.  American Colonial Capital invests in properties for its own account, participates in joint ventures, and provides strategic advice to clients on complex real estate transactions through its affiliates, sponsors, and advisors. To learn more about our approach, strategy, and opportunities to earn competitive returns on real estate backed investments; please visit American Colonial Capital at

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