Teen Mom Leah Calvert Thinks Stepmoms are Equal to Real Moms

Posted by teenmombuzz on March 23rd, 2014

Teen Mom Leah Calvert showed immense growth and maturity when asked about the role of her ex-husband's wife, Miranda Patterson-Simms is playing in the lives of her twin daughters Aliannah and Aleeah, from her previous marriage with Corey Simms. It seems that all the challenges she has faced early on has taught her valuable lessons she now shares with people, especially young parents experiencing the same things.

Her parenting situation may be unique from her Teen Mom co-stars, but it is markedly akin to many teen parents in the country. Leah is the only one of the Teen Mom girls to get divorced and remarry, and the only one to see her estranged husband marry again, leaving Aleeah and Aliannah—Leah's twin daughters from her first marriage—with a set of stepparents in addition to their biological parents. Very few of the many teen parents in America stay together after or even during the pregnancy, so stepparents assume a big role in the lives of teen-children.

During her interview with The Stir, Leah had an interesting take on the role and position that stepparents take in a child's life:

"I feel like the stepparents should be equal as the parent. You're giving them the leeway to do whatever they want just because they have the "step" parent name. I feel like they should have just as much power as the actual parent if they're married."

"No one will ever take my place, but I want someone to be the mom that I can't be when I'm not there. I want someone, if they're sick, to comfort them the way Mommy would or if they're scared, to hold them like Mommy would. I want that for them because it's not their fault."

When asked to talk about having to share her twins with her ex-husband's wife, Miranda, Leah said,

"She (Miranda) has got to play mom when I can't be there. She's got to correct them if I'm not there. I feel like she's never (given) me a reason not to trust her. I honestly don't think she is going to give me a reason, but if she ever did, I would say something. I would talk to her, but the girls love her. The girls talk about her. She seems to be a good mom when I'm not there to be a mom."

In a separate interview with OK Magazine, Leah talked shared that even his husband Jeremy is starting to adapt to his role as a stepdad to her twins and a dad to their own daughter in some ways. She told the magazine that she is trying to be the best dad he can be to their daughters.

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