Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans has High Expectations for Unborn Baby

Posted by teenmombuzz on March 24th, 2014

Now on her third pregnancy, Jenelle Evans, star of the second installment of the reality TV series Teen Mom, has high hopes and expectations for her unborn baby. The Teen Mom star (now 22) is currently expecting a son by her current boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Excited for her second chance at becoming a good mother, Jenelle is hoping to turn a new leaf and make everything right for her new baby.

Her mother Barbara has custody of her first son, Jace Vahn Evans, owing to her care-free, party girl lifestyle (which continued even after giving birth to the child). Jenelle was proven unfit to take care of Jace, having no job and being in a constant fight with her mother because of her boyfriends and drug use. Now expecting another child, Jenelle is hoping that if she proves that she can be a good mother to her new baby, she can get Jace back, a sentiment she once shared during his second pregnancy by husband Courtland Rogers, with whom she is still legally married.

Jenelle's second pregnancy was a product of her whirlwind romance with Courtland, before which she waffled back and forth between two other misguided relationships with her breaking-and-entering/drug possession buddy Keiffer Delp, and her on-again-off-again boyfriend/fiancé Gary Head. The young husband and pregnant wife tandem had a falling out after Courtland allegedly assaulted Jenelle, causing her to suffer miscarriage. Jenelle filed for divorce soon after and entered rehab early 2013. It was later revealed that Jenelle Evans choose to abort her second pregnancy because of her unstable health. She said in an interview with In Touch,

"I panicked – I'd just gotten off heroin, I was very skinny and unhealthy, I wasn't stable."

Questioned about her decision to keep her baby with Nathan, only 4 months after her abortion, she said,

"We planned it. We're financially stable. He's a good father."

Jenelle still hopes to regain custody of her first born, Jace. She shared how her mom agreed to give her back her son if she could stay stable for one more year.

People are torn between support for and frustration about the young mom, but she is nothing but excited to prove her haters and detractors wrong. You can follow Jenelle's and all your favorite Teen Moms' stories by subscribing to special newsletters that feature all the latest news, issues, and gossips from the hit reality TV show.

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