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Posted by Ariana Grande on November 23rd, 2020

Transgenders are those that have a different identity from the sex assigned to us at birth. The word transgender is the modern definition that is used in the late 20th century.

A trans woman is a woman who was assigned male at birth. Trans women face discrimination in many areas of life, like society, employment, access to housing, and face physical and sexual violence, etc.
Challenges do trans people face- Nowadays, transgender has equal rights but still, they face many challenges in their life. So here I am sharing some issues that they are facing.

Trans people face many problems but poverty is the main issue. They live in poverty.
Trans people face many health problems. HIV infection rate is high in trans people.
Trans people do not know about health insurance. Trans adults have been refused health care by a doctor or provider because of their gender identity.
Trans people experience violence at rates far greater than the average person.
Lack of education or knowledge in trans people.
Trans people lost their job because of their gender.
Trans people face sexual harassment.
Transgender people, experience physical violence.

Trans People Relationship- Trans people also have the right to spend their life with happiness. Trans People also want to spend their life with their partner, they also have the right to share their feelings with someone special. Always remember one thing that your partner identity does not define your relationship but what matters more than your partner’s gender identity is the love you have for each other.

How to support your transitioning partner- If you find that you are in love with a transgender then never change your feelings, try to make them comfortable because they are still the person you fell in love with initially. And like all relationships, making it work. I am sharing some points that can help you to support your partner’s transition.

Get Educated- Educate yourself about the transgender community. Show your partner that you care about them. And you know each and everything about transgender.

Ask your partner what they need- You should ask your partner what are they feel, ask them if they want something, support them, understand their needs, etc.

Listen- They should feel safe coming to you to talk about their experience. Always listen carefully when they talk about their experience.

Make them feel safe- You can help your partner feel secure. They should feel safe when they are with you.
Give Yourself Permission to Feel all of the Feels- Although they are the same person on the inside, so never make them uncomfortable. Remember to talk to your partner often and honestly about any concerns or worries you have about the relationship.

Be Their Biggest Supporter- If no one with them, you always support them. Make them feel comfortable, always support them.

Accept them- Accept their identity and never questioning their identity. Don’t ask those things that make them uncomfortable.

Respect their identity- If they changed their name, support them, and never judge their identity.

Struggling with their identity-
Sometimes transgender does not want to express their feelings to anyone. Because they are not ready to face people, people ask many questions.
Also, they are confused about their gender.
Transgender thinks if they talk about their identity with their friends, how they will react.
The family does not support them.
Many people avoid them.
They have low self-esteem and no one wants to support them.
They are rejected by their loved ones.
They feel rejected and lonely.
Everyone judges their identity and no one wants to take care of them.

Medical Treatment- These are some medical options for Transgender.
Hormone therapy- This therapy may help to increase or decrease sex characteristics.
Surgery- This is the method to change the physical sex so that it can match the gender that you identify with.
Some transgender people get Hormone therapy, some transgender people get surgery and some get the combination of both.

Non-medical options for Transitioning- Many transgender people transition without using hormones or surgery. These are some non-medical options. 

Living as your gender identity.

Counseling is the professional guidance to help a person or group of people dealing with transgender issues.
Getting support, in this, you can talk about your problem with those people with whom you are comfortable. You can take support from your doctor, friends, or family member. And also you can find these people online or in local groups.

If you find your child behaves differently, then talk to them, discuss their problems, make them feel comfortable, and support them to explore their identity such as they want to wear different clothes from their gender identity, use a different name or use a different pronoun.
Many parents have a hard time accepting that their child is transgender. But it's important to remember that your child is still the same child you've always known and loved.
If you want to support them, never judge their identity. Make them comfortable, never ask awkward questions. Transgender is not a choice, so support them and never judge them. They also human beings and they also have the right to spend their life with happiness.

Transgender feels many mental and physical problems. So talk about these problems with your doctor. If you care for them, they feel very good. Transgender is struggling with many issues, so help them. They feel discriminated against by society.

So I am sharing a site that is specially designed for Transgenders and this is the site This is the best dating site for transgender. Trans people can find their special one here. This is a free dating site for trans women. You can use this transgender dating app on Android and you can also use this transgender dating app for iOS. This is the best for transgender women who are looking for love and relationship. Trans women can find their life partner in this transsexual dating site. If trans women want to get someone special in their life, they can use this transgender dating app and find their special one.
So why are you waiting, use this site as soon as possible and find your life partner. And I am sure that you will love this transgender dating site.

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