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Posted by Ariana Grande on November 23rd, 2020

Dating online has gone viral. Relationships are hard for many partners. People meet, enjoy love, and separate after a short period. Are we turning to be like animals where there isn't commitment? We are going in that direction. Trust issues have cropped up, and thus partners have doubts between them. The scenarios should not deter you from your goal. Everyone needs to be loved and cherished regardless of their physic and state of mind. The state of one’s gender, whether trans, lesbian, straight, or gay, should not make him or her to be rejected or ignored in love. Love one, love all.

WHY You Should Join a Transsexual Dating App

SECURE from Scammers.

You meet a partner who knows what he or she wants. We have sites for hookups but not for specific groups of people like the trans people. The general hookup sites and any other online dating sites may be affected by scammers. When you log into them, be aware of scammers and don't fall prey. Security measures for members' identities are in place. They can create a secure profile by which they will use to do their communication. The communication is secure. Potential partners communicate in the comfort of their homes.

A partner that you find on a platform like is unique and perfect. The site offers a safe and secret outlet for sourcing your partner. The charts and calls are encrypted to end secretly with you. The site doesn't interfere with them.

It's UNIQUE. is not a general hookup site. Unlike other dating sites, it's unique and focuses on specific groups of people. Members join to make long-term commitments in trans love. It doesn’t offer room for the general random hookups. Scrutiny is done at the time of registration as a member to ensure those who join are joining the site; to hookup and establish long-lasting relationships with trans people or as trans people. 

CHEAP to join. dating app is 100% free. Due to the advancement in technology, many dating sites are coming up intending to get that coin from your wallet. They may have excellent features, of which to a large extent, will be to allude you to give out your cash. TranSingle is giving you quality services at a free price. The only coin you can send, and it's out of goodwill if you wish, the cash to support the operations of the site. To operate the site is quite expensive, and you make donations to help support the site. The contributions aren't compulsory but for those willing to support the site.  

FREEDOM to choose partners. offers a chance for you to connect with trans man, trans woman, and transsexual people. Unlike other trans dating apps, here you are free to choose from these categories to suit your desires.  

VIABLE Members. requests more detailed information about members when they are signing into their profiles for the first time. The data enables the site to evaluate the compatibility of the members that advantages those members seeking a long-lasting relationship. The potential partners you get on the with a badge get a strict assessment by the site admins and thus making them more viable. 

ACTIVE Community.

Apart from being free to join, the site offers an active community for its members. All the members participate actively, and in case they aren't supportive, they get a notification to keep them alert. Given that members join knowing what they are looking for, they are always active and live on the site to search for their partners. The site doesn't offer a direct connection or hookup. One has to search according to his or her preferences to get the partner in question. It thus makes the site have traffic and always active, unlike those sites that give automatic hookups.  

STRICT Verification.

A personal Trans Single profile on this site gets a verification state. The verification is done by site admins and experts to reduce the effects of spammers and con people. A label is placed on the profile to show esteemed partners that the individual has passed all the required standards, and it's genuine to connect with that individual.  

ALL Gadgets Compatibility.

Your account and profile are accessible on any device provided it has an internet connection. Whether on a desktop, laptop, marc book, or android phone, you can log into your account on the site. The only issue at hand may be power and internet connection. If you have the two barriers settled, then it is easy to operate. 

HIGH Maturity Level.

TranSingle Dating App upholds a high level of maturity. Basing on the feedback from the members, they respond that they enjoy the maturity level instilled by members. The chart and connection are mature without infringing on other people’s rights. The site has a large membership of prominent and principled people. Due to the secrecy upheld, individual identity gets confined on the site. Nothing comes out of the site. Before you join, then you can’t know your neighbor is a member. When you later become a member, maintain the secrets as you found them.  

PRE-SOLVED Challenges. 

Your problems as a trans person or a person interested in trans people were researched, understood, and solved even before the site came. When you join, you get all the answers to the issues affecting your love life. The site has serious and dedicated partners eagerly waiting for you to click on the join button. There isn’t rejection or discrimination of any kind. The level of technology used to enable a quick connection that will create an easy meet by which you will enjoy your new love life.  

People meet and connect within the first month. The site has experienced marriage commitments between its members in the second and third months.  


Due to the level of technology used, the site does matchmaking where it uses your set preferences to present to you possible partners who meet your guidelines. Selection is carried out based on how the partner answers the random questionnaires on the site. Individual background information is also vital to determine if they meet your set guidelines.

VOICE and Video Chats.

Given that the app is compatible with many devices, including iOS and Android, this feature of communication (voice and video charts) becomes an easy way to connect with potential partners. The voice and video charts make it easy to choose your partner. You can listen to your partner and also watch him or her life through your phone. It eases the dating process. 

Love at this juncture is swift and less expensive. Get into the field and find your soulmate there. Don't let loneliness swallow you. Let TranSingle Dating app gives you a lifelong partner. 

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