3 Maintenance Skills of LCD Module You Keed To know

Posted by sere on November 26th, 2020

With the development of intelligent electronic technology, Chinese LCD, instrument LCD, character LCD, power LCD and other LCD modules are used more and more. It is very important to maintain LCD display equipment. Today, Genyu will introduce LCD module maintenance skills for you.

1. The newly purchased LCD module is covered with a transparent protective film. Users should try not to remove it before assembly to avoid scratching the appearance of the LCD module. After the protective film is removed, the LCD module will display bright lines or other abnormal displays, which are caused by static electricity when the protective film is removed. After a few seconds, the abnormal display will be automatically eliminated and it can be used normally.

2. Moisture can be said to be the "natural enemy" of LCD modules. Chinese LCDs, instrument LCDs, character LCDs, power LCDs and other LCD modules should not be exposed to moisture. You should also be careful not to store the machine in a humid place. Excessive moisture will damage the internal components of the LCD module. Genyu reminds everyone that winter is coming, and the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will also cause "condensation" to occur. Turning on the device at this time may cause corrosion damage to the electrodes of the LCD module.

3. Turn off the screen when not in use for a long time to reduce unnecessary screen loss. In addition, in order to delay the aging of the LCD module, care should be taken to avoid direct exposure to the screen under strong sunlight for a long time, try to use moderate brightness/contrast, and reduce the fixed pattern displayed for a long time to avoid excessive local aging. There is another point later, that is, usually use a special soft brush, glasses cloth, ear wash ball, etc. to wipe the screen, if necessary, use isopropyl alcohol, hexanol or a small amount of water to clean the surface stains.

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