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The importance of human resources to any organization need not be overemphasized. Human resources are the most precious asset of an organization. Human resource is the wealth of a nation and an organisation. Other resources are of no avail without Human Resources. The development process is wide and varied. There is no limit in their abilities and can be made more effective and purposeful. Their abilities can be continuously improved with training, skill, attitude and additional scientific gadgets and mechanics. In today’s dynamic business environment there is a great need for human resources professionals as they oversee a set of tasks aimed at effectively managing an organization’s employees

Human Resource Management is the backbone of any organization in creating a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. HRM plays a vital role in managing people strategically and enhancing the work environment in a company. Moreover, HRM is also responsible for optimizing the employees’ performance and productivity. It focuses on the recruitment, management, and providing direction and guidance for the people who work in an organization. An MBA in HR program offers training and knowledge in managing the workforce of the organization. The program gives HR professionals more opportunities and expertise in many areas of HR such as employee relations, compensation, training, recruiting and strategy. Having a master's degree in human resource management can help you qualify for more jobs, make more money, and take on more responsibility - either in your current workplace or in a new organization.

HR professionals play a vital role in the translation of an organization’s success across its employees. Creating an atmosphere of motivation, cooperation and inspiration are dependent on HR, which is the backbone of any organisation. Many strategies are designed and implemented by the HR department, from employee empowerment, open communication, and the establishment of organizational goals.

In the modern business environment, an individual with an MBA degree in HRM will be a strategic partner for a business as they play an integral role in developing, identifying and delivering organizational objectives. For example, learning an MBA in HR can help a person seize an opportunity in an organization where their role becomes critical in aligning their workforce to their dream goals. The Human Resources department not only advertises or interviews with potential candidates but also screens and finds individuals who can align their skills with their brand objective. The companies of today aspire to hire candidates with an MBA in HRM to shape their organizational culture and intensify its success. Thus, in the long run, we can say that an MBA in Human Resources is crucial to do if you are looking to help develop a business culture and make a positive change.

If you have an MBA in HR , you will not have limited skills, you can help to find and train people who meet the objective of the company and the HR executives implement by fostering a positive culture. Whether you are working in a closed boardroom or sitting in the main chair at the senior management table, HR has certainly come a long way. The role of HR in strategic planning and development is as important as technology or business leadership. Over the past few years, HR has undergone dynamic changes in roles, functions and overall impact on the formation of organizations. Of the 1,200 HR leaders in 64 countries, 39% of forward-thinking and confident HR leaders use resources and information to redefine outdated models and implement technologies such as analytics, digital engineering and artificial intelligence. The breadth of the MBA in HR is a highly demanding profession. Therefore, HR needs across all domains are increasing. In this profession, you may benefit from numerous jobs with higher salary packages. After this course, you may apply to the most reputable and respected employment levels in various topmost companies in India or abroad. Employment opportunities in this field are increasing on a global scale. The salary depends on many factors such as the organizations you work, work experience, location of the company, academic training, etc. After gaining experience, you can earn a starting salary of Rs. 3 to 6 lakh per annum.

HR is a rapidly growing field and therefore pursuing a career in HR offers lucrative job opportunities. For pursuing an HR course, students can either choose an MBA in Human Resources full-time or part-time course or can pursue a diploma, degree, certificate, or Masters in HR.

In terms of choosing an institution, you need to look for institutions like Xavier University, Bhubaneswar that stand as a pioneer in the country’s initiatives for establishing programs that are competent and recognized globally, as well as being responsive towards the needs of the immediate community.

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is a private unitary university located in the State of Odisha. The University has been established in accordance with The Xavier University, Odisha Act, 2013. The University has constituent Schools of higher learning, such as Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB), School of Human Resource Management, School of Rural Management, School of Sustainability, School of Human Settlements, School of Commerce, School of Communications, School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Economics, Xavier Law School, and School of Government and Public Affairs. Xavier University, Bhubaneswar has partnered with Emlyon Business School, France to create XAVIER-EMLYON Business School.

Xavier University strives to become a globally recognized center of learning and of service to the people. It seeks to become the leader as a Research oriented University that generates knowledge and diffuses it for the benefit of all.

The School of Human Resource Management is grooming people-sensitive HR leaders equipped to build sustainable organizations and equitable society. With the foundation strongly laid came the courage and strength to a new metamorphosis of a longer lasting higher-level change and transformation, leading to the creation of well-integrated courses with a common purpose. The School has the vision of being the School of choice, in the domains of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour, for students, academicians and practitioners.

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